I Want Her Back – What To Do To Make Your Ex Girlfriend Come Back

If you’re wondering about how do I get her back but what can I do to get her back? Then you’ve come to the right place. Breaking up is never easy but most of the time they can be avoided. If your break up was a mistake, it’s not too late to get your ex girlfriend back.

Often when a loved one leaves us, we are so shocked we’re uncertain what we’re meant to do. We end up doing a bunch of things that end up being counter-productive. Are you making some of these mistakes with your ex girlfriend?

* Calling her over and over

* Drunk dialing her

* Checking her Facebook status and leaving her messages

* Confessing your undying love

* Telling her you’ll do anything to get her back

* Feeling the urge to spy or stalk her

* Trying to talk to her friends and family to see if they’ll leak information about your ex

Doing these things won’t help you, they scream desperation and your ex girlfriend will never want to come back if you carry on like that. It may even make her push you further away from her as she will start to get concerned that you are obsessive and controlling. I know it is hard to restrain yourself, especially if you love and miss her and feel that any kind of communication is better than none at all. Believe me, this is not the way to go and will do an huge amount of damage to your chances of getting her back in the long run.

So what should you do?

To keep your ex girlfriend in your life, you don’t need to stalk her, keep calling her or harassing her friends and family. Your ex knows you want her back. You don’t have to keep reminding her over and over. Right now the ball is in their court. They have the control and you’re stringing along like a love sick puppy.

Regain control of your situation because your ex girlfriend will never come back if she thinks she has the control. After all, she was the one who wanted to break up. You’re still trying to wrap your head around the situation and by doing so you remain helpless. Remember at this point that respect is a key ingredient in getting her back. If she does not respect you anymore she will not love you.

So how then do you get the respect from her that you want?

In short you have to do the opposite of what your head is telling you to do. Resist all urges to contact or see her, show her your upset or mope around. It may seem completely impossible for you to do this right now, but you will see a huge change in both the way that you feel after the break up and the way that your ex girlfriend sees you.

Allow me to show you how to reverse the situation. Now your ex is the one who’ll be calling you up, she’ll be the one who wants to see you, she’ll be missing you and you have the power to get her to do whatever you want without needing to say a word to her. This has nothing to do with playing mind games. In fact your ex will think it’s their idea for wanting to come back. How is this possible and how can it work for you? It doesn’t matter your situation, start turning it around right now by watching this Free video presentation her: how to get a girlfriend back.

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