Where Can I Find Love

Where Can I Find Love

Everyone wants love. You just need to know how to find it.

Start loving other people. If you want to get love, you must be willing to give love.
Find love wherever you are. Stop thinking that you will fare better elsewhere. Chances are, if you cannot find love where you are, you will not find it anywhere.
Notice those around you. Pick someone you are willing to give love a try. Note that you must pick someone. Not picking anyone is not an option here.
Start giving your attention to this person. Hang out with them whenever you can. Care for them. Look out for their needs. Offer to help them before they ask.
Chances are, they will start noticing and appreciating you. At this point, ask them to go out with you, e.g., hey, let’s go out this weekend together, OK? If they say no, don’t be discouraged. Just try again. Remember, perseverance will pay off big dividends at the end. Once they say yes to you, continue to be loving and maintain a true loving relationship, and you have found your love.
Know when it’s not going to happen. If they will not show you love at all, regardless of how much love you show them, they are rogues and never deserved love in the first place. Write them off your books and find someone else. Repeat the process with someone else, until it works out. Statistically, it will eventually work out no matter what.

Learn from your mistakes, if you failed to find love with someone, ask yourself, what have I done wrong? Always try to figure out if you might have done something wrong so you will not repeat the same mistake again.

Here’s how to find love advice for you.

1 If you’re a boy,your Female friends might help you.
2 If you’re a girl,your friends can help you,your mom,or a cousin.
3 Choose carefully,the things that you’re going to discuss with this person,is private information.
4 Your Bestfriend can help.

Females are best at love advice that men.

Remember,choose carefully!

Finding love nowadays appears to be easy. You look the part, you play the part and bang – there it is! But can you keep it?

Don’t expect them to fit all the qualities you have on your list and make sure you are yourself all those things you want your partner to be.
Don’t waste your efforts trying to change your partner. If you can’t cope with his/her imperfections move on – don’t stick around bullying him/her into changing into something he’s/she’s not. If you are unable to allow your partner to be as imperfect as you are, just move on.
No relationship is perfect but it shouldn’t be hard work either. Compromise, communication, respect for each other, and fun, fun, fun, are the essential ingredients of a healthy relationship.
Allow them to be who they truly are – to express themselves freely. Express their passions, their dreams, their feelings, their needs, their insecurities, their emotions without having the fear of being judged or ridiculed by you.
Only by allowing them to be who they really are you will know you are in love with the right person.

Keep in mind these simple rules:
Don’t do to your partner what you wouldn’t like him/her to do to you.
Don’t say to your partner things you wouldn’t like him/her to say to you.

In the first three months of a relationship you should have an idea whether it will be a harmonious one and within five months you should know whether you would like to make further commitments.
If during this time you get obvious warning signs of serious mismatching characters – don’t waste your or your partner’s time – be true to yourself and to your partner and walk away.

Where Can I Find Love

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  1. Very informative post. But in my side, You don’t really need to find where is the love, it will sooner come to you the least you expect it. All you have to do is figure out if that’s the love you’ve been longing and never let him go.

    Shane from prix d’un pot catalytique 

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