What Men Want In A Woman And How To Use This To Your Advantage

There are many women who do not know what attracts men. Therefore, they end up losing the interest of those males they have their eyes on. Attracting a guy requires knowledge and experience. Here are tips that you can use to captivate your dream guy and make him come to you and be your partner.

Men are fascinated with confident women. They find it sexy when a woman has a strong personality, has plans for her future, and is highly motivated. To be confident, you must learn to accept and love yourself. You must be goal-driven. Never be shy or fearful because this can be a big turn-off for guys.

The act of flirting has proved to be very effective in winning a man’s attention. There are women who know how to flirt by nature while there are those who have acquired the art through experience. Flirting involves verbal communication and body actions. It uses meaningful words, slight physical touches, evocative looks and a playful smile. It involves openness and friendliness.

Because they are visual human beings, what attracts men first are a woman’s physical appearance. This means you have to look good with the right make-up and attractive clothes. Wear outfits that look good on you and flatter your whole body. Find what works for your body and not clothes that work for someone else. What looks good on others may not look good on you. With the perfect outfit, wear a perfume with a fragrant smell to work on your guy’s senses. This will make him remember you always.

Do not be the type of woman who is so pessimistic around people. When you are in the company of men, be positive and jolly, as this will make them enjoy your presence. If you pour all your problems on them, your negativity will bring them down and they will not want to be with you again. By nature, people do not like to listen to other people’s problems as they have their own share too.

Lastly, be a mysterious woman. Do not give all information away. Always leave an air of mystery. Men are challenged with the unknown so keep their interest by not revealing everything about yourself. Give information one at a time. You can give your whole life story when you become committed to one another and he asks for all the details about you.

Men are quite easy to entice with the right attitude. What attracts men is a personality that is confident, attractive, happy, optimistic and exciting.

Celebrity Charisma is what we all crave – but dare not admit! Wouldn’t it be great to be more attractive to men? More Seductive? More powerful and engaging? Can you imagine how your life would change when you start to attract people to you – easily! Thankfully you don’t need wads of cash, years or pain to appear more attractive and commanding. Just get the right system, tips and techniques and get that lover, win that client and get celebrity wow now!

2 thoughts on “What Men Want In A Woman And How To Use This To Your Advantage”

  1. I agree– mystery makes you more attractive.
    Happy or being with a sense of humor is really a plus for guys.
    I have encountered an ex that really look a snob, and just smile little, when I make him smile, it really feels good.

    Ysa from housse chaise 

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