How To Catch A Cheat

If you have suspect your partner of cheating on you then you know how terrible and anxious it can make you feel, what is worse is that statistics how over 40% of relationships have one or more incidents of infidelity so it is not an unfounded fear. If you are in such a situation you may also be aware that not knowing may be destroying your relationship through the poison of suspicious even if they are innocent because you just do not know!

You need to find the truth of the matter so you can be free of suspicion and so you can take the right actions. The following guides will show you exactly how to do this and also how to handle whatever information you find.

The instantly downloadable guides we have reviewed have been proven to reduce your anxiety by giving you a direction and plan of action while giving you everything you need to prove their innocence or guilt through psychological, investigatory and intuitive approaches.

Some readers may question the validity of these guides so we have made sure that that are all legal, professional and contain methods used by professional investigators to uncover secrets.

Guides Reviewed
Catch a Cheating Spouse
How to Catch Your Cheating Lover
Cheat Sweeper

Catch A Cheating Spouse

Sarah Paul
Sarah Paul

Catch a cheating spouse is probably the premier guide on how to prove the innocence or guilt of your partner on the Internet. The author Sarah Paul has become something of a celebrity because of this downloadable guide appearing in Psychology Today and also on E!.

While celebrity credentials can often appear dubious Sarah backs this up with a quality product that covers many aspects of affairs and cheating as it relates to the investigational aspect especially. The reason for this is the broad coverage of a variety of different topics that include:

  • Technology – Cell phones, Computers etc
  • Psychology – Detecting lies and trickery, Body Language etc
  • Statistics – In depth charts and numbers on the who, what, how & why of cheating partners
  • Proven Techniques – Provides proof of why these methods work not just assumptions they are right

Another thing i find is impressive is her willingness to consult with you by email as well which is can be very helpful because while any book or guide will be helpful sometimes individual situations might vary to what you see and free professional advice can turn your investigation from stalled to full steam ahead.

Sarah also gives two very useful free bonuses with her guide. One is a program that allows you to track keystrokes on a computer so you can track what sites your partner is going to even if they delete their Internet history regularly. The other is a guide to use actual surveillance devices like cameras, audio surveillance and more.

For a complete guide to uncovering your partners cheating that will get your not just proof for yourself but hard evidence that cannot be denied this guide is most highly recommended. If you are unsure you can also join a weekly newsletter that can give you some very useful information as well.

Visit the “Catch a Cheating Spouse” Site

How to Catch Your Cheating Lover

Another well respected guide on how to catch your partner engaging in infidelity is titled simply “How to catch your cheating lover”. Author Edward Talurdey has also been on many radio shows and has been approached by the television world because of what he calls his controversial e-book.

Edward does not dwell on relationships or love and i think the book is better for that, it instead focuses on exactly what it claims to do which is to catch your cheating lover in the act and gain iron clad proof of their cheating by whatever means necessary including biological, digital and photographic evidence.

This guide does not pull any punches though which means you have to be committed to the result and it will get you there and nothing more and it’s popularity has proved that it does exactly the job it claims to do.

Overall this is an excellent guide with some extra reports through in for free and while it may not be as comprehensive as “catch a cheating spouse” it is well worth downloading.

Edward also has a free report on some of the biggest mistakes people make when they suspect thier lover of cheating which can be downloaded immediately from his site listed below.

Visit the “How to Catch Your Cheating Lover” Site

Cheat Sweeper

Cheat Sweeper is a new guide that has thrown a cat amongst the pigeons as the saying goes but not because of any massive difference in the content. Author Glen Houston instead has quite a difference of opinion on using spying software which has become a major part of investigations of cheating partners; Glen has a free report on the front page detailing why this is so.

This does not mean that he abandons this method of investigation but instead has different, smarter software that can be used more effectively with his advice making this actually one of the more tech savvy guides.
It also covers quite a broad range of issues along with just the technical details of actually gathering evidence and learning to read lies and body language which seem to be a core part of all guides.

As seen on
As seen on

Cheat sweeper also talks about your own psychology as well as your suspicious partner which can be just as important when it comes to applying all of the things you learn.

It also has some important differences between how men and women go about being unfaithful, how they lie differently and also how they manipulate your emotions differently which is a very interesting section that reveals a lot and makes this a guide useful for any gender.

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All e-book guides reviewed on this site come with a 100% money back guarantee so if you are not satisfied with the product you can contact the publisher for a refund allowing you risk free purchases.