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Can You Save Marriage From Divorce?

We always seem to start off our marriages with high hopes and dreams, with romance and passion and a belief that nothing will ever drag us apart. This may be true for some till death do they part but for half of marriages today this is not the case and the worst starts to happen, you drift apart and you start desperately trying to find ways to save marriage from divorce.

The reasons for marital problems are many and varied from arguments about money, the changes in their lives from children, general work/life stress and often from problems in the bedroom as well. The list could go on forever though with mild differences from couple to couple but in the end all roads lead to separation and divorce if nothing is done to mend the growing rift which is one of the hardest parts of life if you ever have to experience it.

Research has shown however that not all hope is lost. Most couples who end up heading towards divorce have claimed that they still love their partner but either feels they cannot bring themselves to say so or they cannot live with them even though they do love them. Many have also stated that one of the primal reasons for a divorce apart from all the obvious things is that their love is not growing for their partner anymore so they feel something is wrong which leads to those terrible arguments. However the point is that in most cases love still remains and with this there is always a hope to save marriage from divorce.

With this in mind there are ways to save marriage from divorce by breaking down the barriers that have stifled this growth in love which at its core is all about communicating. This is not a new concept and many people already know this only to find when they try to communicate it does not work because they are not communicating with love but with logic, with words, with an attitude with an agenda.

When you stop talking and start communicating with love and understanding you can save marriage from divorce and unlock the potential fro growth of love that has been weighing down your marriage.

One immediate step you can take to ensure you are on the right path is to take control of your ego when you communicate and do not let your ego control you. When you want to respond and defend yourself with an accusation stop and let it slide as infuriating as that may be because if you defend yourself you simply inflame the situation further. Stop thinking in points scored and start thinking about compassion as sappy as it may seem and you can defuse a heated argument to a level where you are really communicating what you feel without ego or anger which goes a long way to save a marriage and stop divorce.

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