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How to Catch Your Wife Cheating – 3 Investigation Tips

How to catch you wife cheating can be an awful process to go through but for men who suspect they have a cheating spouse the need to know and be sure is an immediate concern as the not knowing is often worse than finding out the truth.

The reason for this is that if you do not have proof you will constantly be thinking “is my wife cheating” and the anxiety and paranoia can destroy your marriage even if you might actually be mistaken! The point of trying to catch a cheating spouse is that you can at least have the whole story and be able to move on, confront them with facts or whatever action you want to take … but you can take it with more confidence. The trust is already destroyed in your relationship if you know or just suspect so stop wondering is she cheating and find out for sure for everyone’s benefit.

How to catch my wife cheating then you ask?

Private investigators can do this with a wide variety of methods but if you pay attention you can do this on your own as long as you keep a calm disposition, a logical frame of mind and be aware of what she is doing and saying. Some techniques that find clues and proof are listed below:

  • 1. Digital Communications – One of the most important ways to catch a cheating spouse is to investigate the digital ‘paper trail’ that we all leave in this modern age of cell phones, emails, internet dating sites, social networking sites and more. Cell phones are a good source of phone numbers to investigate and SMS messages to spy on and the home computer (or work computer) can contain emails, internet site histories, internet cache, or if they are sloppy just bookmarks to suspect sites. If this proves to be a dead end and too clean they may realize you might be looking and deleting everything to cover their tracks … this may not be the end as there is software than can track peoples movements on a computer without being detected that could be of use.

  • 2. Bank accounts – Money is often needed when in an affair as a cheat often gives gifts, pays for motel rooms, dinners and so forth. While a woman is often harder to track as men tend to do the paying anomalies can be found in credit card statements and bank accounts statements. Payment to expensive restaurants, motels or even to buy birth control or sexy underwear you have never seen might raise a flag. Also large sums of money withdrawn from ATMs may be in indication that they are trying to pay for cash on things so they cannot be traced in this way and can be a vital clue.
  • 3. Time – Time is the most important asset to a cheating spouse as they need time to be with their lover and this is something you need to track. Where are they? Why did they take so long to get home from work? Why is nothing done when she said she would be cleaning all day? These are some questions to ask yourself but remember not to be too direct or to get too nosey on this matter until you have more proof because this can cause more problems in the long run.

While it may be hard to stay unemotional during this period it is vital to do so when you set ask yourself how to catch my wife cheating. Without expert advice though you can make some serious mistakes that can damage things further and make it harder to catch them cheating.

So if you want to avoid these pitfalls and prove their guilt (or their innocence!) click below to find guide written by experts on catching a cheating spouse that can give you step by step instructions to end the anxiety.

How To Catch a Cheating Husband & End Your Uncertainty

Instead of wondering “is he cheating” if you have found signs of cheating you need to discover how to catch a cheating husband because without concrete evidence and proof of infidelity you may make the number one mistake that many women make and confront him without it which has several consequences!

  • Without evidence they can deny it

  • It tips them off and they will become better at hiding it
  • If they are NOT cheating you have just destroyed the trust in your marriage
  • Without proof they can use your confrontation to emotionally blackmail you

So you see the importance of proper proof in this matter not only to make them see you actually do know but if they are innocent of your suspicions you need never bring up what you suspected. This happens more often than you think where something that looks like a signs of cheating turns out to be something a lot more innocent than you think and the lack of trust you develop by suspicion is as bad as the broken trust from actual infidelity.

So if you are wondering “Is my husband cheating on me” you have to be aware of the signs of cheating and be able to follow them to their source for evidence to prove of disprove unfaithfulness. To do this you need to think like a detective and find the right clues that can be built into a full picture of the affair or if you are lucky you may find a ‘smoking gun’ where a single bit of evidence can tell all like a tell all letter or a taped conversation.

There are two ways you can do this; passive or active

Passive means that your version of how to catch a cheating spouse is based on quietly collecting evidence over time and being aware but not taking direct action to trap them or force their hand.

Active means you believe how to catch a cheating husband is all about finding the evidence even if it means spying, laying traps and finding out by whatever means which is a lot faster and more effective but only if you do it RIGHT because if you make a mistake it can be even WORSE than confronting them without proof and can backfire quite badly.

So to find out how you can take action and not be found out until you have the evidence to prove or disprove their cheating click below and end the uncertainty and heartache.

You Need To Catch Cheating Boyfriend Red Handed To Be Sure

Infidelity is an awful thing to happen in a relationship, it destroys one of the biggest factors that maintain a strong love which is trust. The only thing worse than finding out about a cheating boyfriend is not knowing and being eaten up by suspicion without any proof of the deed! IT is in these circumstances you need to know how to catch cheating boyfriend.

Instead of just asking is my boyfriend cheating on me you must take action and find proof of their guilt or innocence because the destruction of trust that comes from cheating boyfriends can also destroy your trust if it is NOT true because your doubt and anxiety has already destroyed your trust in him.

So instead of wondering is he cheating you must look for signs of a cheating boyfriend and follow those signs to their source and find concrete proof that they are being unfaithful to you. Some signs of a cheating boyfriend are:

  • Late working hours all of a sudden
  • Deletes all his emails and SMS messages with alarming regularity
  • Keeps his computer spotless (deletes all webpage histories etc)
  • Unusual phone activity such as taking calls out of your earshot or you answer the phone only to have the other end hang up
  • Lying, it could be big whoppers or just a steady stream of little lies you have uncovered
  • and many more …

Every affair is different and different signs will crop up but if you are alert for them you can pick them up and analyze them to discover if they can actually be proof of unfaithfulness because some of these things can be explained with innocent activities like trying to surprise you with a party or is planning a big gift and so on. It is because of this that you must keep a cool head and work on finding evidence because confronting your boyfriend without this is the number one mistake that girls make when dealing with suspicion and it nearly always backfires because it can be denied and then used as emotional blackmail back against you!

So if you want to catch cheating boyfriends and be sure of their infidelity you must be smart and get the evidence you need to actually have a plan of action if they are cheating or purge the suspicion if you find evidence that their cheating signs are actually something else!

Click below for expert help on how you can do this using methods real detectives use.