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How To Be Triumphant In The Online Dating Game

The presence of online dating has been around almost as long as the arrival of the internet itself. In recent years there has been a monumental rise in the online dating industry which has changed the dating habits of singles throughout the world.

But there’s one incontestable factor that you need to know – only a small percentage of people who populate online dating sites are actually fruitful in their quest of finding love. Does this mean that online dating just doesn’t work very well? No, of course not! The problem is that the vast majority of people just don’t know how to get the most out online dating, and if they followed some basic guidelines, they could also accompany the small percentage of people who are actually successful at online dating.

Choose the right site! The first dating sites which entered the market were melting pots of people that covered the masses or a specific country, whereas now you can opt for niche sites which are rapidly becoming very popular. You can find sites that cater to almost any interest or lifestyle that you can think of. You can find city specific sites or lifestyle related sites if you’re seeking a very specific type of partner. For example, maybe you are interested in meeting Equestrian Singles or those into the country way of life, then a site such as the Hitching Post may be an ideal choice for you. The big, global sites aren’t always the best choices so it’s worth doing a bit of research to find which ones would be the most suitable for you.

When you join a dating site, the first requirement is creating your profile, which are mostly multiple choice choice boxes with a few sections where you actually write something about yourself and the type of person you are hoping to meet. Try to fill in as many sections as possible so your profile looks complete and appears that you made an effort. If your profile looks like you can’t be bothered to make an effort in creating a half decent profile, then in turn you can rest assure that there will be a lot of people won’t bother wasting their time responding to your profile.

Most importantly be sure to upload a photo. The first thing most people do on a site is check out the photos of members who meet their criteria. Posting photos in your profile drastically enhances your odds of receiving responses by as much as 10 times. After all, would you honestly respond to people that don’t have a photo in their profile?

Be Assertive and Take Action! – You can’t just create a profile with a couple photos then sit back and wait for the responses to come rolling in. To be successful at meeting people online you have to mingle and make it known that you are alive and interested. Be involved on the site by creating and posting comments on the site’s blogs or forums. Take the initiative to contact members, yes ladies, this includes you as well. The rules are a little different when it comes to online dating, it’s all right for women to make the first move, in fact it’s becoming a common practice. Maybe some of the men you find interesting simply haven’t seen your profile yet, or are hesitant about contacting you because they feel they don’t measure up to what your profile seems to say in regards to what you are seeking in a partner and would be elated to hear from you.

If you apply yourself when playing the online dating game, you can have the capacity to have a positive experience in your online dating endeavors.

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Emotional Roller Coaster

Emotional roller coaster
Lately I have been playing a very dangerous game with myself. I have been coming up with new ideas on how to make money. Real money, not the extra part time night job money, its not worth paying a sitter for money like that. And please don’t flame that remark, most women will understand that…

So I have posted ads, for modeling, massage, friendship. And I feel better that I am putting myself back out there and trying to make some money.

And then my email gets swamped.

And my phone rings off the hook.

And I read through the emails and listen to the messages and I ignore them all.

My boyfriend has okayed my decisions, maybe the financial crisis has finally gotten to him, or maybe he has given up on me staying out of the industry. I wouldnt blame him, how many times can I possibly expect him to explain the rational choices and still have me refute and lean toward escorting?

I guess that is why I havent tried answering the responses for massages. Maybe I dont trust myself not to be pulled back in once I am out alone with another man. I dont think I would, I know my response would be- no, nothing sexual, but I know how persistent they can be, and how financially screwed I am right now, and it would be easy to cave and do something I would regret just to make him shut up or make some easy money. And then I would have crossed the line and I would jump right back out there.

I cant make myself go back out. Not yet. Im not sure what I am waiting for, or what will make me take the step back across that line, but I have set myself up to do it. No matter what the ads read, the men assume one thing. I could state in an ad that I have no vagina and no hands, and my mouth is sealed shut, and I believe they would still ask for something sexual to be done. How? I dont think they care, but if you are pretty and have an ad, they will ask for it.

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But I keep posting ads, and setting myself up. I cant tell if I am working my way in or just going completely nuts. I feel like a drug addict but without any of the perks.
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Date Online Together With Video E-mail And Video Chat

It’s common knowledge that the world has become a smaller place with the advent of the internet. In fact, with the telephone, one could only talk to a person far away; however, with video communication, one can both see and talk to a loved one living far away.

To the best of our knowledge, with the various video communication media available like video email and video chat, there is a lower chance of any misunderstandings occurring here than when one communicates through the telephone. It will be useful for you to discover that now you can not only communicate with your loved ones, but those singles out there can also make and get to know partners through the numerous dating websites found on the internet. As far as this issue is concerned, this form of socializing is one of the best ways a person too busy with their career to find a partner, possibly even a life partner.

One of the primal advices for you to know is that when looking for a partner on the internet, you usually meet the person with similar interests as all your basic information has to be given to the dating service. So far as we know, this is the greatest result of internet dating; instead of getting hooked on someone because of love at first sight, with internet dating, you get to learn about the temperaments and nature of the person before actually meeting. Undoubtedly , with internet dating, there is no need of waiting for one to make the first move. In addition, there is no nervousness to hide and you can seem cool and collected to your partner, no matter how nervous you may actually be! You should know that it is very important that you make honest information about yourself to the online dating site so that you will get the perfect match for you. In fact, inaccurate information only leads to an inaccurate match!

It is obvious that when you take a closer look at this issue, once you find your partner through the internet, it is important for you to meet each other. It is very important to take into account that there have been occasions where on meeting; you find that this is not the person you had envisioned through online dating. In addition, it should be also added that loving someone when dating is rather simple as ABC; however to become a serious couple, you have to have a serious love relationship that may prove to be an uphill task. Don?t forget to make sure that you are compatible with the person you date; having the same taste of food and pets do not promise a long-term love relationship.

There is also a need to point out that you have to have the capacity of forgiving each other for certain mistakes while also have your say on some manners you are not happy with. So you have to basically ask the right questions at the right time to get to know each other better. We have every reason to believe that it is very important that you remain honest, understanding and committed to your partner during the span of your relationship. In addition, it should be also added that both of you have the same rights of giving and accepting opinions about your relationship!

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Online Dating Love Tips For Newbies

So you have decided to venture into the world of online dating with the hopes that the internet can hook you up with great people for fun, excitement or long term relationships from the millions of other like you who have also logged in to find their perfect match. Then you find the dating sites and end up confused, overwhelmed and perhaps ignored, pestered or having a generally miserable time because you do not know how the game works and how to find the gems in the vast sea of incompatible people that also inhabit this online space. You may need these online dating love tips to give you a head start into virtual dating that can have you flirting and finding wonderful matches in no time at all!

1. Your Profile
Your profile is hands down the most important part of finding love online because it is the window into your personality, interests, appearance and what you are looking for. The people who find the most success in dating online have discovered that you must be aware of these things:

  • Be honest, do not start a relationship off with deception. This applies to your profile picture as well as your written profile. You are not trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes here, you are trying to find someone who likes you for you!
  • Be unique. everyone likes to hang out with friends, laugh, watch movies etc, etc that is text that is ignored. Put in your interests in detail and what makes you unique and special so instead of saying you like music list what type of music you like and so forth.
  • Do not be too verbose. While you need to be detailed do not write a novel!
  • List what you are looking for in a partner in general terms to encourage those with the right traits to contact you!

2. Be active
Use the tools of the dating site to your advantage. Contact many people who are of interest but only take things further to those that you build a rapport with using the email, live chat, and even video chat to help you find the right person for you. Don’t be shy also, flirt using the virtual “kisses” and “smiles” and so forth and feel free to be a bit naughty as it shows confidence which is attractive to both men and women. Remember this is not about focusing on one person but building a large list of possible candidates and narrowing it to only the few that you really want to see in person as that is the only way to be sure.

3. Find the Right Dating Site
This online dating love tip is not really about love but it is vital for dating success as there are many websites out there including free sites which often have uncommitted members who are not serious about the process and the more stable, better equipped paid sites that boast large user bases and members willing to pay and be involved for a better quality of potential lovers. Find the site that caters to your particular persuasion be it sexual, religious, racial. Also find the sites that are geared to the kind of relationship you are looking for be it intimate encounters, fun dating or long term relationships.

So if these online dating love tips have you more confident about entering the fast paced world of virtual dating to find the perfect match for you click below to find the right site that suits your needs!

Dating Site Reviews

4 Dating Site Tips to Sort Gold From the Garbage!

Online dating can be a frustration to many who are committed to the process and idea of finding well matched dates for fun or relationships as there are so many posers, time wasters, liars, scammer and even sexual predators that also inhabit this online space. Dating site tips are therefore essential for you to navigate this minefield to find the gems that are there is you know how to find them and also how to get them to find you …

  • 1. Good Profiles – Your profile is the first thing people look at and the first thing you will look at when searching for a date. To be on top of the game you have to be picky. Ignore those that do not put much effort into their profile because they are either not serious about finding a date or they might be one of the afore mentioned time wasters, liars or scammers. In return you must put a lot of effort into your own profile to be noticed and contacted. To do this on your dating site you need to be unique, detailed, but not too verbose and have a current but flattering profile picture. Any falsehoods in this profile will not serve you well because when you meet they will become apparent and it is a wasted date as they feel deceived.
  • 2. Be Active & Be Picky – While there may be many great people on the site you need to be picky about who you choose to contact, investigate and talk to because the idea is not to get a dozen dates in a week but to get as many as you feel you can handle with only the people you feel comfortable and are interested in. On the flipside you need to be an active member and contact and flirt with many people, not all of this needs to go further than you want it to as you can politely say no to those that are not interested of you feel may be the afore mentioned problem members. Build up a list of potentials and start sorting what YOU want because you should feel you are in control.
  • 3. Use the Dating site tools – Many people only use the emailing system within these sites which is a crying shame when they provide so many more options including your own space to host blogs, video chat features, VOIP features, real time chat and much more. As you get to know more people you can get to know them in more detail using these features so use them to sort those that are not quite right from Mr. or Mrs. Perfect Match!
  • 4. Only use GOOD dating sites – This could be the most important dating site tip because like the members of dating sites dating sites themselves are not all the best match for you. Some have different focuses that you may not be interested in and others might cater for your particular sexual, religious or racial preference. The specialization is not the only thing worth considering though as the features and cost is also something to take into consideration.

If these dating site tips have you eager to start [playing the online dating game to find that intimate encounter or long term partner or just fun dates then click below to find out which dating site is best for your needs.

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8 Quick Tips to Online Dating Success

Tips to online dating are searched for every day by thousands of people entering this quite new field because they quickly end up overwhelmed, under prepared and confused by the entire process and end up giving up or hopefully finding the way to leverage these great relationship building sites to their advantage! So if you want to find your perfect match in the virtual dating arena you need to have the foundations perfect and understand exactly how these sites work and how people use them to find love and happiness that can end in intimate encounters or great long term relationships and marriage.

1. Write a Great Profile
This is absolutely essential to finding someone who you will connect with intimately because in this fast paced environment where people can browse hundreds of profiles a day yours must stand out!
A quick checklist:

  • Makes your profile unique, it has to be about you in depth because everyone likes to go out, hang out with friends and laugh. What makes you different and unique and interesting?
  • Go into detail! Do not just say you like to do gardening for instance, say what you like to grow and what you like about it. People are looking for something that they can find interesting or similar so don’t be shy.
  • Do not lie or embellish! If you are going to meet your potential dates, lovers and maybe suitable people for long term relationships starting out with a lie is obviously a bad thing
  • Do all of this but make your style quick and to the point, you need to fit a lot of information in an easy reading style without going on for too long as people who see too much text may just keep browsing.

2. Have a Good Profile Picture
Some respected online dating sites have statistics that say having a profile picture increases your chances of getting replies and people initiating contact by more than 50%! If you are nervous about posting a picture of yourself please resist the temptation to post a picture of a much younger version of yourself or one where you might have been a lot thinner as again starting off a relationship with deception does not help!
Find a good current picture of yourself and if you do not have one consider getting a professional to take a flattering one of yourself, you need to show all your good points but be honest about it.

3. Do not be Shy!
At first you may not know what to do but the best way to get started is to plunge right in! Do not be shy, start browsing profiles and searching. Send emails to many people who look interesting as this does not immediately mean an appointment for a date it is just an introduction to see if there is interest and you may even gain a friend if not a lover.

4. Do not fear Rejection
This tip to online dating is one of the most valuable to those that might be trying virtual dating because they find dating in bars and clubs intimidating (which it is!). It can hurt when you do not get a reply from that girl or guy you felt you matched so well or they replied with a ‘thanks but no thanks’. You have to remember though that online dating is like speed flirting, lots and lots of chances with everyone looking not just for a maybe but for a perfect match in their own mind which you can not know all the time. You in turn will do the same to many other people but remember it is not personal, it is just the way things are in the fast paced online dating game. You suffer no social repercussions from this and you may even gain online friends if not significant others.

5. Be Picky!
As you become accustomed to the way things operate online you will realize that you have control of your dating here. You can find a dozen dates a week or you might settle for only a few that matches very well depending on your specifications. You do not need to feel compelled to take up offers, pick and choose only the best so you maintain control of your dating life!

6. Flirt!
Play the game! Use the online “kisses” or “winks” that many sites use to show interest, be a bit naughty! Have Fun! There are very few social ramifications to this sort of dating so feel free to be yourself and be a little bit wild because wallflowers get ignored and guys and girls are both attracted to confident people!

7. Use the Tools of the Site
Take advantage of some of the great tools these sites have to offer including blogs, video chat, chat rooms, VOIP and more. Each level of contact you make reveals a bit more of a potential date so find out what they are all about and get involved!

8. Use a GOOD Dating site
This is the biggie! There are many dating sites out there and quite frankly it can be confusing as to which ones you want to sign up for. Most of the big sites offer a range of options including sexual orientation, racial and religious specific sub sites for better matches. Some are also more focused on fun while others have a more long term relationship focus. The pay sites are also the best funded and have members who are serious about the entire process unlike free sites who have a lot of browsers and uncommitted members who may just waste your time or even worse be predators or scam artists.

If these tips to online dating have you itching to get into the game and find great friends and potential dates and lovers for excitement or commitment then click below to discover which online dating site is best for you!

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4 Tips for On-Line Dating to Find Your Ideal Match!

Online dating has many advantages to it and also many disadvantages also but with the advance of technology and our plugged in life along with the changing landscape of dating in general many will enter this world but be under prepared. Tips for on-line dating are therefore an essential part of your journey of discovery into this new and rapidly changing area as without knowing what you are doing you could fall prey to scams, predators and also general disappointment and disillusionment with the entire process!

These 4 online dating tips can help you navigate the world of virtual dating so you can sift through the trash and find the treasure; your ideal match!

1. Write a unique Profile!
One problem that immediately turns potential dates away is a dull, boring or generic profile. Saying you are lots of fun, love good food and likes to laugh for instance is true for nearly everyone so why would anyone spend more than a cursory glance at something they have seen all too often. Instead focus on the things that make you interesting because this is a place where people can view hundreds of profiles in an evening sorting through looking for someone who matches what they want so you have to stand out!
Do not be shy because you are not going to be rejected in person if someone finds your hobbies odd they will just move on and instead the guy who really appreciates someone with a 19th century doll collection (or something!) will come along and like you for the reasons that make you unique. Be detailed but do not go on too long either.

2. You Picture Increases Your Dating Opportunities
Your profile picture is of vital importance to your online dating success. If you are stunningly good looking this may not be a problem and you will have a dozen great pictures but if you feel that you are ordinary or have problems with your appearance you still need to do this because there is one thing that ruins dates from dating sites and that is deception.
If you post a picture from when you were much younger or much thinner, what is the point when you meet up and your date discovers that you have effectively lied to them? Do not do this!
As has been mention the point of online dating is not to get a million dates that end poorly but to find a few very well matched dates so be honest to start with and post a recent and good picture of yourself … if you do not have one go and get one from a professional that flatters you as long as it is you not a past you or someone different altogether. If you leave the picture out you cut your chances of getting dates and responses from people by over 50% from the statistics of the dating sites themselves.

3. Don’t Be Shy
Being shy will get you nowhere in life and it is doubly so with finding dates online! The entire point of the process is to sift and sort and look for those that match your personality, interests and that you find attractive because a good dating site will have hundreds of people near you that you can meet with more coming online every day.
So get out there and flirt using emails, online “winks” or “kisses” that many sites have and get some interests and remember that there is no rejection in this as everyone is looking for a match not just a chance and you may just make some great friends if not lovers too!

4. Paid Dating Site of Free Dating site?
This is an important question people ask when dipping their toe into the on-line dating pool and it has merit for more than sheer monetary reasons. There are some free dating sites that may suit you if you are just experimenting but the problem with anything free is it attracts people who are not serious or committed about the entire process. If you are one of these people then by all means try a free dating site but do not be surprised by the lack of quality of such ventures from design or members (or both!).
Paid dating sites have the money to create and maintain very good sites with many features to help you find your match and most have now a free trial where you can do everything but your communication is limited so you can get a feel for the process and paying members can still contact you so you can see if it works. The quality of paying members as has been mentioned is higher because they are committed to using the site and finding dates.

If these tips for on-line dating have you interested in trailing a dating site and discovering the benefits that you can use to finding great dates for fun or serious relationships click below for reviews of the best dating websites on the net!