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8 Quick Tips to Online Dating Success

Tips to online dating are searched for every day by thousands of people entering this quite new field because they quickly end up overwhelmed, under prepared and confused by the entire process and end up giving up or hopefully finding the way to leverage these great relationship building sites to their advantage! So if you want to find your perfect match in the virtual dating arena you need to have the foundations perfect and understand exactly how these sites work and how people use them to find love and happiness that can end in intimate encounters or great long term relationships and marriage.

1. Write a Great Profile
This is absolutely essential to finding someone who you will connect with intimately because in this fast paced environment where people can browse hundreds of profiles a day yours must stand out!
A quick checklist:

  • Makes your profile unique, it has to be about you in depth because everyone likes to go out, hang out with friends and laugh. What makes you different and unique and interesting?
  • Go into detail! Do not just say you like to do gardening for instance, say what you like to grow and what you like about it. People are looking for something that they can find interesting or similar so don’t be shy.
  • Do not lie or embellish! If you are going to meet your potential dates, lovers and maybe suitable people for long term relationships starting out with a lie is obviously a bad thing
  • Do all of this but make your style quick and to the point, you need to fit a lot of information in an easy reading style without going on for too long as people who see too much text may just keep browsing.

2. Have a Good Profile Picture
Some respected online dating sites have statistics that say having a profile picture increases your chances of getting replies and people initiating contact by more than 50%! If you are nervous about posting a picture of yourself please resist the temptation to post a picture of a much younger version of yourself or one where you might have been a lot thinner as again starting off a relationship with deception does not help!
Find a good current picture of yourself and if you do not have one consider getting a professional to take a flattering one of yourself, you need to show all your good points but be honest about it.

3. Do not be Shy!
At first you may not know what to do but the best way to get started is to plunge right in! Do not be shy, start browsing profiles and searching. Send emails to many people who look interesting as this does not immediately mean an appointment for a date it is just an introduction to see if there is interest and you may even gain a friend if not a lover.

4. Do not fear Rejection
This tip to online dating is one of the most valuable to those that might be trying virtual dating because they find dating in bars and clubs intimidating (which it is!). It can hurt when you do not get a reply from that girl or guy you felt you matched so well or they replied with a ‘thanks but no thanks’. You have to remember though that online dating is like speed flirting, lots and lots of chances with everyone looking not just for a maybe but for a perfect match in their own mind which you can not know all the time. You in turn will do the same to many other people but remember it is not personal, it is just the way things are in the fast paced online dating game. You suffer no social repercussions from this and you may even gain online friends if not significant others.

5. Be Picky!
As you become accustomed to the way things operate online you will realize that you have control of your dating here. You can find a dozen dates a week or you might settle for only a few that matches very well depending on your specifications. You do not need to feel compelled to take up offers, pick and choose only the best so you maintain control of your dating life!

6. Flirt!
Play the game! Use the online “kisses” or “winks” that many sites use to show interest, be a bit naughty! Have Fun! There are very few social ramifications to this sort of dating so feel free to be yourself and be a little bit wild because wallflowers get ignored and guys and girls are both attracted to confident people!

7. Use the Tools of the Site
Take advantage of some of the great tools these sites have to offer including blogs, video chat, chat rooms, VOIP and more. Each level of contact you make reveals a bit more of a potential date so find out what they are all about and get involved!

8. Use a GOOD Dating site
This is the biggie! There are many dating sites out there and quite frankly it can be confusing as to which ones you want to sign up for. Most of the big sites offer a range of options including sexual orientation, racial and religious specific sub sites for better matches. Some are also more focused on fun while others have a more long term relationship focus. The pay sites are also the best funded and have members who are serious about the entire process unlike free sites who have a lot of browsers and uncommitted members who may just waste your time or even worse be predators or scam artists.

If these tips to online dating have you itching to get into the game and find great friends and potential dates and lovers for excitement or commitment then click below to discover which online dating site is best for you!

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4 Tips for On-Line Dating to Find Your Ideal Match!

Online dating has many advantages to it and also many disadvantages also but with the advance of technology and our plugged in life along with the changing landscape of dating in general many will enter this world but be under prepared. Tips for on-line dating are therefore an essential part of your journey of discovery into this new and rapidly changing area as without knowing what you are doing you could fall prey to scams, predators and also general disappointment and disillusionment with the entire process!

These 4 online dating tips can help you navigate the world of virtual dating so you can sift through the trash and find the treasure; your ideal match!

1. Write a unique Profile!
One problem that immediately turns potential dates away is a dull, boring or generic profile. Saying you are lots of fun, love good food and likes to laugh for instance is true for nearly everyone so why would anyone spend more than a cursory glance at something they have seen all too often. Instead focus on the things that make you interesting because this is a place where people can view hundreds of profiles in an evening sorting through looking for someone who matches what they want so you have to stand out!
Do not be shy because you are not going to be rejected in person if someone finds your hobbies odd they will just move on and instead the guy who really appreciates someone with a 19th century doll collection (or something!) will come along and like you for the reasons that make you unique. Be detailed but do not go on too long either.

2. You Picture Increases Your Dating Opportunities
Your profile picture is of vital importance to your online dating success. If you are stunningly good looking this may not be a problem and you will have a dozen great pictures but if you feel that you are ordinary or have problems with your appearance you still need to do this because there is one thing that ruins dates from dating sites and that is deception.
If you post a picture from when you were much younger or much thinner, what is the point when you meet up and your date discovers that you have effectively lied to them? Do not do this!
As has been mention the point of online dating is not to get a million dates that end poorly but to find a few very well matched dates so be honest to start with and post a recent and good picture of yourself … if you do not have one go and get one from a professional that flatters you as long as it is you not a past you or someone different altogether. If you leave the picture out you cut your chances of getting dates and responses from people by over 50% from the statistics of the dating sites themselves.

3. Don’t Be Shy
Being shy will get you nowhere in life and it is doubly so with finding dates online! The entire point of the process is to sift and sort and look for those that match your personality, interests and that you find attractive because a good dating site will have hundreds of people near you that you can meet with more coming online every day.
So get out there and flirt using emails, online “winks” or “kisses” that many sites have and get some interests and remember that there is no rejection in this as everyone is looking for a match not just a chance and you may just make some great friends if not lovers too!

4. Paid Dating Site of Free Dating site?
This is an important question people ask when dipping their toe into the on-line dating pool and it has merit for more than sheer monetary reasons. There are some free dating sites that may suit you if you are just experimenting but the problem with anything free is it attracts people who are not serious or committed about the entire process. If you are one of these people then by all means try a free dating site but do not be surprised by the lack of quality of such ventures from design or members (or both!).
Paid dating sites have the money to create and maintain very good sites with many features to help you find your match and most have now a free trial where you can do everything but your communication is limited so you can get a feel for the process and paying members can still contact you so you can see if it works. The quality of paying members as has been mentioned is higher because they are committed to using the site and finding dates.

If these tips for on-line dating have you interested in trailing a dating site and discovering the benefits that you can use to finding great dates for fun or serious relationships click below for reviews of the best dating websites on the net!

How To Get a Girl To Kiss You – What You Are Doing Wrong!

Fact or Fiction?
Fact or Fiction?

Many guys want to know the secret about how to get a girl to kiss you so they can take things to the next level. Imagine having the charm and charisma that overpowers a woman with you supreme manliness and just drives them crazy with desire to plant their lips on yours.

Well guess what! That is not going to happen!

Sorry to burst your bubble but this is not the way the world works in 99% of all cases because real men kiss women, women are attracted to real men, waiting for a kiss is pointless because you must take charge!

I may sound like some irate drill sergeant but when I found out there were guys out there just waiting and wondering why nothing would happen I had to speak out. The real question is not how to get a girl to kiss you but how to approach a girl and plant a kiss that gets reciprocated … that’s the trick.

Does this sound scary? Does this sound out of your depth? If so do not worry because so many guys who have amazing skills with women started out the same way but learnt over time exactly what women want and how to change their thinking to become the alpha male (I hate that term but it does apply) without trickery or deception just a slight change in attitude.

Here is one tip, the first kiss on a date or ever is totally over hyped and a distraction from everything else. The best ay to do it is get it over with quickly … when you feel there is an opportunity you have to take it and live with the consequences which are usually … NONE! If the opportunity was there they wanted you to do this. Another tips if you are feeling a little cheeky is to tell them “You can kiss me now” with a wink and even point at your cheek or something. That means she might kiss you and if she doesn’t you can make light of it or whatever you want.

If you want to know how to get the confidence to do all this and you still feel out of your depth click below to find complete guides that have turned nervous shy guys into chick magnets with a little information and lots of practical application.

6 Hot Tips on How to Seduce Women

image plays a major role in seduction
Image plays a major role in seduction

Every man wants that amazing ability to be able to met, approach and seduce women that the movie stars and in fact many other regular guys seem to have. The trouble is many men give up on trying to improve this in themselves because they think they have to be rich and attractive and be born with some inbuilt charisma to do this. This is wrong, anyone can be seductive if they lean how and these 5 tips on how to seduce women can get you started!

1. Confidence

You probably have heard this one again and again and guess what … I am going to tell you once more because this is vital to seducing and bedding any woman. Women are attracted to confident men who appear in control because they are hardwired biologically to find strong men who will be good mates and providers attractive even if they are just looking for a fling too!

2. Dress Sense

As obvious as this is why do so many men pay less attention to this than they should? You do not need to be James Bond in a tuxedo but dress well for the event or location you are in and pay attention to details like ironing, the right fit, color and so forth.

3. Hygiene

Another item that means a LOT to women that some men ignore to their peril. You should look and smell nice, brush your teeth, floss, clean your ears, shave or trim your beard and take care of your hair. You do not need to be a metro-sexual if this seems to put you off just take care of your hygiene and appearance is all.

4. Learn to Approach

The first vital step in seducing women is the approach, you have one chance to impress immediately to get a foot in the door so to speak so you can move on to the next stages of seduction, this is a complex issue however and is not covered in as much depth in this article.

5. Think from Their Point of View

Another big mistake men make is to purely think from their own perspective. When engaging a woman in conversation and seduction do not just think of how you want to do things think of what she might want. This is different for every women but just doing your own thing may not be what THEY want so find out what sort of women they are and what they might want and exploit that for amazing benefits!

6. Take Charge

If you have managed to impress and have established a rapport with the women you wish to seduce then you must take charge of the situation, this does not mean forcing things or coming on too strong but you must make your intentions clear enough and be able to suggest to the lady to move on to something more be it to get her phone number, organize a date or even leave right now together depending on the situation. You can not let the opportunity pass and you can not wait for her to send every signal or to ask herself because that is a major turn off for women!

7. Keep Trying

If you do all these tips on how to seduce a women you may still get rejected or you may still stumble and screw something up but you know what … most of those other guys who are swamped with women did not just get there by force of charisma overnight, they LEARNED how to seduce women by making mistakes and fixing them and discovering bit by bit their strengths and what makes women tick.

If you want more information on how to seduce a women but do not want to stumble around in the dark for too long click below to find guides written by dating and seduction experts that can expand on confidence, the approach and exactly how women think so you are armed with every bit of information you need to be the person you want to be with women.

How to Attract a Girl Through Body Language

Relaxed Confidence It Attractive to Women
Relaxed Confidence It Attractive to Women

Approaching and attracting girls not an easy thing to do for most guys these days it seems as there no set rules in dating and women feel more empowered to be picky. In this arena the ones who know how to attract a girl through body language have a distinctive edge over those blind to such subtle moves because it is something primal and hardwired into our biology that comes to the fore when body language is used to attract and seduce.

There are a thousand tricks that you can use when applying attracting body language but the core concepts remain the same which is that your body language should exude an air of confidence and manliness!

These are linked concepts but slightly different.

Confidence is all about showing you are in control of the situation, it is often as simple as having an absence of insecurity such as fidgeting, trying to have too much personal space, darting eyes, looking down and so forth. It does not mean you need to strut or swagger that is off the scale and obviously overboard but if you want to appear confident you need to have a steady gaze and be comfortable in whatever situation you are in. Women are attracted to confident men who are in control because this is a primal element of being a good mate who can provide for them which they probably do not even realize but that is just the way humans are!

Manliness is about sexuality, it follows that if a girl is attracted to confident body language this is manly and this is true. You can also accentuate that by not being afraid to flirt by standing in masculine ways to show off your body and even yes your crotch as crass as that may seem. Subtle is the key but men not afraid to be proud of their body and manhood are seen as sexy even if you are not the best looking guy in the world without the best physique either … it is all about perception.

There is more to attraction than knowing how to attract women through body language as they will only get you part way, you need to know how to approach, how to talk, how to read group dynamics, how to read their reactions and much, much more and you need a game plan too. To find out more details on attracting women no matter who you are click below to find out more.

The Art of Approaching – Book Review

The most important aspect of seduction and the dating game is being able to easily meet the kind of woman you WANT to get to know better. However most guys do not really know how to do this and end up tongue-tied, blurting out something really stupid or even worse just freeze up completely as they are paralyzed by fear.

Fear of rejection, Fear of humiliation and even Fear of success and then not knowing what to do!

The good news is that this fear can be controlled and being able to meet, approach and engage women can become second nature to any man as long as he has the skills to do it.

“The Art of Approaching” is one such guide that can give you all the information you need to do this. As the author Joseph Matthews says in his book “Meeting women is not something you are born to, it is a science, a skill and therefore can be learned by anyone who puts their mind to it.” … from there it is quite apparent that Joseph knows what he is talking about and goes on to establish this fact with authority because the content of this guide is absolute dating gold!

This is the most comprehensive book on attracting women we have seen so far and so well written it is engaging and quite entertaining from beginning to end as Joseph includes many stories (some incredibly personal) from his own life as he initially bumbled his way from being a typical loveable loser to a supreme pick up artist.

The real meat of the book however is that it basically gives you a step-by-step method that can have you meeting tons of beautiful women that you perhaps never thought you had a chance with, but now you can … and will; Just some of the ideas it covers are:

  • Meeting a woman
  • Attracting a women
  • Picking up the subtle clues that signal if she likes you
  • and most importantly creating CONFIDENCE in yourself which can have you immune to rejection and uncertainty

Author Joseph Matthews says
“I used to be completely hopeless with women. I was too afraid of rejection to ever talk to a woman I found attractive. But through much trial and error, I discovered a way to overcome my fear and meet the kind of women I enjoy. I wrote this book to share my methods and hard work so that other guys don’t have to go through what I did to get good with women. I wanted it to be the ultimate starter-guide for men looking to improve their love life, and judging by the amazing emails I’m getting from readers who can now meet and attract any woman they choose, I think I succeeded.”

The thing we liked most about this guide was its no BS attitude and its focus on empowering yourself as a man before you focus on the women.

This is powerful stuff because it has the dual effect of giving confidence to yourself which acts as the best form of attracting women and it conquers the FEAR reflex that is the downfall of so many men. It also brushes aside the trickery, deception and corniness that some other guides try to teach and it goes deeper than its competitors who preach the same things especially in respect to confidence and a change of belief sets that is holding you back.

A quick summary of the major chapters include:

  • The Art Of Body Language
  • The Art Of Confidence
  • The Art Of Approaching
  • The Art Of Flirting
  • The Art Of Storytelling
  • The Art Of Being Social

This e-book has passed the test to become our highest rated dating guide because of its practicality, usability, insight and even the entertainment value that it will give you. Joseph is also so confident his guide will help you he offers a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied so there is no risk to you at all, only the chance at meeting great women with ease.

Click here to learn more about “The Art of Approaching”

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Guy Gets Girl – Dating Advice Guide Review

Guy Gets Girl is one of the most unique dating & seduction guides that can be found online because it has been written by a WOMAN for MEN. Tiffany Taylor the author has written this dating guide from a woman’s perspective and it shows through strongly in her insights into how women’s minds work based on emotion more than logic.

This may sound familiar to you if you have read much on dating and male and female psychology but the amazing thing is that being written by a women to help men actually does give new insights and more information than guides that offer the same advice written by a man because a man can only make an educated guess on what women really think and what makes them tick.

That being said, is the information helpful and what does it cover?

Tiffany’s philosophy on how to be a modern day Casanova centers around not having to be a ‘pick up artist’ or some alpha male jerk but instead allowing a man to still be the nice guy he naturally is but teaches techniques that seduce without compromising your integrity.

By learning the emotional triggers that drives the female brain when it comes to love and lust this guide immediately puts you ahead of the game and you can immediately see how the more successful daters tend to come out on top even if they are not that attractive or rich. It does not end there though, the real meat of the book comes from the step by step applications of these insights when it comes to dating and seduction for many and varied situations.

Some of the best sections include:

  • How to read her body language and be able to pick up on what she’s thinking but not saying.
  • The best conversation starters, This is one of the hardest things to do for many men and this part makes it simple.
  • The 4 best places to take a girl on a date, Forget what you know about first dates with this section becaue they are wrong.
  • How to get into one-night stands with ease, and get out of them even easier, should you need to – without anyone getting hurt. This is very interesting because it comes from a woman instead of some guy who thinks they know about women and sex.
  • The “Ten Commandments to Win Over a Woman”

Now while this guide does all the right things and gives you a fresh new perspective on women and dating there are some things to take into account.

This information is not free, Tiffany wrote this guide to make a profit but at $49.95 this information is not overpriced for the depth and value of the guide. It also includes a few extra guides on conversations and sex which are also good but I tend to take into account with the whole package.

The website’s language is also a little jarring in its attempt to promote their guide which is completely forgivable but some may be put off by the style of the site which would be a mistake to judge the downloadable guide on however.

That being said, Guy Gets Girl has a full 100% money back refund policy if you are not satisfied with the product and they use a reputable payment system so there will be no problems with that making a purchase of this product a win for the consumer who will have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Click Here to Visit “Guy Gets Girl”

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