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Know Where To Touch Girls And What To Do So You Progress Physically

Have you ever been stuck in that state where you chat with a beautiful girl who obviously likes you, and you know she wants you to kiss her, but you have no clue how to do it? I used to feel so powerless in those situations ? I was stuck and didn?t know how to get out. I simply didn?t know anything about where to touch women.

Since then I have discovered something that has allowed me to be quite a lot more successful. Here it is: you need to be physical right from the very beginning. If you try to hide your intentions all the way to the point where you feel like kissing her, it is going to be weird no matter what you do.

It?s the set-up to the situation that is important. When you meet a new girl, you must be used to touching her right from the first moment. If you are playful in a physical way with her, it?s all going to be easy.

But how do you learn how to be a more physical person? You do it by practicing on other people, not only the hotties you?d like to meet. Greet your female friends with a warm hug. When you meet guys, shake their hands firmly. This will get you used to touching people.

Now, I could tell you where you should touch women, but that?s not the most important thing. What?s important is HOW you touch her, not the exact ?spot? on her body. It has to be relaxed and natural. DON?T LOOK at where you are touching her. That?s a sign of insecurity.

In fact, if you want to advance things physically with women, then the ?outside?, the outer game, doesn?t matter as much as what?s going on in your head. You need to be relaxed, self-confident and FOCUSED on what you want.

If you become focused on what you want ? physical intimacy with a girl, then you learn to completely ignore it when a girl rejects you, or she doesn?t want you to move forward, or she looks at you weird. For me, that?s the definition of self-confidence.

But with that out of the way, I think the best place to touch a girl you?re talking to in a casual way is her upper arms, and also her shoulders. When you?re teasing her, touch her there casually.

And don?t worry. You might be awkward the first few times you try. It takes self-confidence to have it be natural, but you develop self-confidence by actually doing it more and more and getting used to it. So just go for it.

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How to Seduce Beautiful Women With Confidence

How to seduce beautiful women is the question all men want answered when they are on the hunt and are looking for more intimate encounters with the women they meet. Most men however find it difficult to seduce women and end up either rejected or in the dreaded ‘friend zone’ that seems so hard to climb out of.

There are a few truths that you must know about women before you should start looking at how to seduce women however:

  • Women WANT to be seduced and enjoy sex as much as men do.
  • Women need certain prerequisites met before they allow themselves to be seduced.
  • Women will never initiate seduction it is all up to you and is in your power.

By knowing this you understand that a rejection is not often an outright ‘no’ but is instead that you have not done your homework and groundwork before moving in to close the deal so to speak.

Women have some underlying things they need satisfied before they are primed to be seduced and this can vary from women to women, it is your job to find out what makes them tick and that is by achieving the first prerequisite anyway:

  • Rapport: To find out how to seduce beautiful women you need to establish a level of rapport with them. This is the first step to gaining trust and it allows you to show your best side while they are open to your advances and words. It also allows you to ask them about themselves and what they like to uncover some interesting facts you can use for further seduction.
  • Eye contact: It has been shown in many experiments that good eye contact actually has a level of hypnosis attached to it. The science behind this is debatable but this is an important aspect when establishing rapport and also shows your confidence and interest when talking to them which is what women desire.
  • Look for Approval: If you have developed a rapport with this women and can make her laugh and you can pick the subtle signals such as her leaning closer to you (a trick is to lower your volume a bit to make her lean forward to hear her, if she does she is interested). Other signals may include some other body language signs such as slightly parted lips, moist lips, and her mirroring your smiles back at you as you talk.
  • Touching: If all of these signs are apparent and you have not already done so try to engage in some gentle physical advances such as touching her hand, a simple pat of squeeze might do. Brush her hair back maybe if it has fallen over her eyes, small approaches to see if she reciprocates.
  • Propose a next step: This is all important, like a salesman this is the closing line on this encounter. Your proposal should not be asking for permission but instead should be a statement in question form. It may not be an invitation back to your bedroom if she is not ready but you have an opportunity to get their number, propose a date or something that moves you from where you are now closer to full seduction.

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How to Attract Hot Women Without Even Approaching Them!

How to attract hot women is the question every man asks as they look around at the amazing abundance of sexy, attractive females all over the place and wonder ‘why doesn’t she notice ME?!”

The answer to this question is both simple and complex at the same time (just like the whole game of love really!). The trick is that you need to know exactly what women look for in a man at the base level that goes beyond personal quirks and preferences, an animal instinct if you will but one that still applies today in a modern world where the gender roles have shifted much further than at any other time in history.

The simple answer to this that you can use to attract hot women without even approaching or speaking with them is Confidence.

Ok, ok … I bet you have heard that a million times and either agree but do not know how or think it is a crock but the truth is that is works but not how it is often perceived.

Firstly, confidence is not being a jerk though many jerks are perceived as confident because they often are but fail to have that level of empathy, leadership and manly protectiveness that is part and parcel of what women want in a man.

Secondly, confidence is not being overly suave and dressing up like James Bond or by being a Metrosexual it comes from having the confidence and knowledge to take charge of situations, to be proud of your body and mind and to display that to the world without boasting an announcing it.

How to attract hot women sounds hard doesn’t it!

It may not come naturally to many but it can be learned and to apply this immediately it comes down to body language and visual aesthetic which is the first impression that only ever occurs once and that may make or break your chances at getting together with those hotties you want to know better.

To begin with try these few tips:

  • Your stance says a lot about you. Stand up straight but do not be at attention, you should be relaxed but with your shoulders back, no slouching and your legs about shoulder width apart and your chin up a little.
  • Pay attention to your grooming, whatever is your style does not matter as long as you look clean, trimmed and healthy. If you look too made up you may seem to be overcompensating and the same applies with your dress. Be comfortable with your style but stand out!
  • Facial expression is also important. Smile broadly and have a steady gaze, do not flinch away from a look and always return a woman’s eye contact with a smile and a steady gaze and if she smiles back then you have already attracted a hot women and she is ready to be approached!

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How To Get a Girl To Kiss You – What You Are Doing Wrong!

Fact or Fiction?
Fact or Fiction?

Many guys want to know the secret about how to get a girl to kiss you so they can take things to the next level. Imagine having the charm and charisma that overpowers a woman with you supreme manliness and just drives them crazy with desire to plant their lips on yours.

Well guess what! That is not going to happen!

Sorry to burst your bubble but this is not the way the world works in 99% of all cases because real men kiss women, women are attracted to real men, waiting for a kiss is pointless because you must take charge!

I may sound like some irate drill sergeant but when I found out there were guys out there just waiting and wondering why nothing would happen I had to speak out. The real question is not how to get a girl to kiss you but how to approach a girl and plant a kiss that gets reciprocated … that’s the trick.

Does this sound scary? Does this sound out of your depth? If so do not worry because so many guys who have amazing skills with women started out the same way but learnt over time exactly what women want and how to change their thinking to become the alpha male (I hate that term but it does apply) without trickery or deception just a slight change in attitude.

Here is one tip, the first kiss on a date or ever is totally over hyped and a distraction from everything else. The best ay to do it is get it over with quickly … when you feel there is an opportunity you have to take it and live with the consequences which are usually … NONE! If the opportunity was there they wanted you to do this. Another tips if you are feeling a little cheeky is to tell them “You can kiss me now” with a wink and even point at your cheek or something. That means she might kiss you and if she doesn’t you can make light of it or whatever you want.

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6 Hot Tips on How to Seduce Women

image plays a major role in seduction
Image plays a major role in seduction

Every man wants that amazing ability to be able to met, approach and seduce women that the movie stars and in fact many other regular guys seem to have. The trouble is many men give up on trying to improve this in themselves because they think they have to be rich and attractive and be born with some inbuilt charisma to do this. This is wrong, anyone can be seductive if they lean how and these 5 tips on how to seduce women can get you started!

1. Confidence

You probably have heard this one again and again and guess what … I am going to tell you once more because this is vital to seducing and bedding any woman. Women are attracted to confident men who appear in control because they are hardwired biologically to find strong men who will be good mates and providers attractive even if they are just looking for a fling too!

2. Dress Sense

As obvious as this is why do so many men pay less attention to this than they should? You do not need to be James Bond in a tuxedo but dress well for the event or location you are in and pay attention to details like ironing, the right fit, color and so forth.

3. Hygiene

Another item that means a LOT to women that some men ignore to their peril. You should look and smell nice, brush your teeth, floss, clean your ears, shave or trim your beard and take care of your hair. You do not need to be a metro-sexual if this seems to put you off just take care of your hygiene and appearance is all.

4. Learn to Approach

The first vital step in seducing women is the approach, you have one chance to impress immediately to get a foot in the door so to speak so you can move on to the next stages of seduction, this is a complex issue however and is not covered in as much depth in this article.

5. Think from Their Point of View

Another big mistake men make is to purely think from their own perspective. When engaging a woman in conversation and seduction do not just think of how you want to do things think of what she might want. This is different for every women but just doing your own thing may not be what THEY want so find out what sort of women they are and what they might want and exploit that for amazing benefits!

6. Take Charge

If you have managed to impress and have established a rapport with the women you wish to seduce then you must take charge of the situation, this does not mean forcing things or coming on too strong but you must make your intentions clear enough and be able to suggest to the lady to move on to something more be it to get her phone number, organize a date or even leave right now together depending on the situation. You can not let the opportunity pass and you can not wait for her to send every signal or to ask herself because that is a major turn off for women!

7. Keep Trying

If you do all these tips on how to seduce a women you may still get rejected or you may still stumble and screw something up but you know what … most of those other guys who are swamped with women did not just get there by force of charisma overnight, they LEARNED how to seduce women by making mistakes and fixing them and discovering bit by bit their strengths and what makes women tick.

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How to Attract a Girl Through Body Language

Relaxed Confidence It Attractive to Women
Relaxed Confidence It Attractive to Women

Approaching and attracting girls not an easy thing to do for most guys these days it seems as there no set rules in dating and women feel more empowered to be picky. In this arena the ones who know how to attract a girl through body language have a distinctive edge over those blind to such subtle moves because it is something primal and hardwired into our biology that comes to the fore when body language is used to attract and seduce.

There are a thousand tricks that you can use when applying attracting body language but the core concepts remain the same which is that your body language should exude an air of confidence and manliness!

These are linked concepts but slightly different.

Confidence is all about showing you are in control of the situation, it is often as simple as having an absence of insecurity such as fidgeting, trying to have too much personal space, darting eyes, looking down and so forth. It does not mean you need to strut or swagger that is off the scale and obviously overboard but if you want to appear confident you need to have a steady gaze and be comfortable in whatever situation you are in. Women are attracted to confident men who are in control because this is a primal element of being a good mate who can provide for them which they probably do not even realize but that is just the way humans are!

Manliness is about sexuality, it follows that if a girl is attracted to confident body language this is manly and this is true. You can also accentuate that by not being afraid to flirt by standing in masculine ways to show off your body and even yes your crotch as crass as that may seem. Subtle is the key but men not afraid to be proud of their body and manhood are seen as sexy even if you are not the best looking guy in the world without the best physique either … it is all about perception.

There is more to attraction than knowing how to attract women through body language as they will only get you part way, you need to know how to approach, how to talk, how to read group dynamics, how to read their reactions and much, much more and you need a game plan too. To find out more details on attracting women no matter who you are click below to find out more.