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Exercises to Prevent Premature Ejaculation & Regain Your Sexuality

An estimated 40% of all men suffer from some level of premature ejaculation which is an amazing amount of men who live with a level of shame and anxiety over their sexual performance which can have far reaching effects into their life and their relationships.

The taboo subject also stops many men seeking help when there are exercises to prevent premature ejaculation that anyone can do to stop cumming too soon allowing you to feel confident, masculine and please your women to a greater degree which leads to better relationships and intimacy.

Some quick tips you can try are as follows:

  • Practice makes perfect: Many men have learned poor control over their climax often from bad masturbation habits which lead to quick gratification and poor muscular contraction and control skills. By masturbating and stopping when near the point of no return (just a few seconds called the pre-gasm that your body lets you know what is coming) and relaxing to stop the climax you can gradually learn some level of control. You can do this over and again before you ejaculate to practice.
  • Control Breathing: Part of the act of lovemaking and orgasm is a heightened state of arousal that includes faster breathing and a higher heart rate that spurs the body towards it orgasm. When you approach pre-gasm learn to slow your breathing and relax somewhat. Do not take deep breaths as this actually raises your heart rate but try to breathe out heavily and inhale shallow until your heart stops pounding so much … this has a flow on effect to prevent premature ejaculation.
  • Exercise your PC muscle: This muscle is the same one you use to stop urinating and cuts off the flow of fluids through your penis if you contract it. Try stopping the flow of urine when you go to the toilet as a start but there are other exercises you can do to strengthen it that will give you much more control.

There are many more methods and exercises to prevent premature ejaculation you can use to revitalize your sex life and give you the confidence in bed you need which are available online so click below to view the most comprehensive guides to ejaculation control.

Mens Health Info – Website Review

According to recent statistics nearly 40% of all men suffer from some form of premature ejaculation making it a bigger problem than most people think. Despite these statistics that Men’s Health Info offers it is still seen as a shameful and embarrassing condition making online, anonymous treatment the preferred method for more and more men who feel they are not satisfying their partners.

That being said there are a LOT of self help books, cures, potions and ointments online that promise men with these problems the world but many do not deliver which makes Men’s Health Info a stand out from the rest. Why? Read on.

Firstly when you sign up for treatment through this site you do not just receive a downloadable guide like many other self help sites. While guides can be very helpful, Men’s Health Info offers more than that, it is actually a site that has compiled resources from a number of sources over the internet and only choose the ones that offer a full service, not just information. These services ask you to enter information about your condition and give you back personalized treatment plans that have been proven to work.

Secondly, tying in with the personalized plan, this site and the services they promote understand that everyone is different and that there are different level of premature ejaculation ranging from mild over-excitement to quite severe sexual dysfunction. This means that you will only get treatment for your own problems not anyone else’s.

Also, the information given about PE on their site is very helpful and scientific which allows you to see the scope of the issue and gives an idea of what sorts of exercises and methods you will need to use to have longer lasting sex. This information is in text form, visual form with pictures, diagrams and animations and videos as well.

Overall this has proven to be the most comprehensive site for premature ejaculation cures we have seen and with its focus on service you can get the personalized treatment you may need without the embarrassment of making an appointment with a doctor or therapist allowing you to overcome your short fuse and be able to have great sex for both you and your lover.

Click here to visit ‘MensHealthInfo’

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