Engagement is a strange thing to many young couples as the tradition dates back centuries and is based largely now on ingrained customs and ritual. Anyone in the west however that wants to be married, however confused they may be about engagements and proposals, knows that this is a major part of the beginning of a life together as husband and wife.

While our customs and ideas about engagement evolve there are some fundamental questions that would be partners need to know about this process and about the decision in general!

  • What sort of ring do i need?
  • How do i propose?
  • Where should i propose?
  • Is this really the person i want to marry?
  • What comes next?
  • How long before we wed?

These are just some questions that many would be brides and grooms are asking and as such, loveiscomplicated.info has found and reviewed many online guides, websites and downloads for those planning on taking their first step towards marriage and asking that one enormous question “Will you marry me?”

Marriage Proposal Information

There is so much riding on those four little words and one BIG question:’Will You Marry Me?’. Just how are you suppose to do this thing called a proposal? how can you make it an amazing experience that both of you will never forget? Is bigger better or intimate better? All these questions and many more can be answered here!

Engagement Rings

The focus on the engagement ring can bring many men undone when they do not know what they are looking for. The variety of rings and their cost, make up, style and more can lead an unwary groom to panic and make bad choices often spurred on by unscrupulous merchants. Click here for a comprehensive guide to choosing your perfect engagement ring.


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