After finding the one person we love and committing to them til death do we part many couples expect everything to be perfect and Rosy as they settle down into a life of marital bliss.

As with all aspects of love however marriage can be just as confusing as any other part as a couple become partners in love, life, finance, children and a thousand other challenges that are thrown their way that can often feel like such a confusing burden that things can get rough and even head toward divorce.

Here at we understand that married life does not come with a manual on how to handle it or a mind reading device to find out what your partner is really thinking years down the track but we have compiled and reviewed a number of helpful resources dealing with how to better your marriage, deal with conflict, become good parents and avoid becoming another divorce statistic.

Relationship Tips & Secrets

Why is it that some people seem to effortlessly have amazing relationships free of arguments and fights and full of love and commitment while others seem to bring their marriages to breaking points with seemingly irreconcilable differences? This section looks at how successful couples keep their relationships strong through the good times and the rough times too!