Sex and sexuality have long been a taboo topic and even today where we feel more open about such things misconceptions about sex and the role of sex in relationships and love have proven to divide opinion and set man against woman.

This is changing however as more becomes known about how we think, feel and act when it comes to sex and how it drives relationships along with many other factors. This comes from official studies of relationships, society and biology and gives us a better more complete picture of sex in our lives.

Unfortunately much of this is still a mystery to many and when sexual problems rears it’s ugly head your love life, relationship or marriage can be on the line and knowing more about how this sexual problem is caused, how it impacts on you and your partner and of course how to fix it becomes a prime issue.

To this end there are many common sex issues that experts have studied and have been able to shed some light on. Some of these experts have also written books you can download or host websites that can give you the information and help you need to overcome the sexual bugbears in your love life. Here at we have listed a few of these and reviewed them for your benefit.

Sexless Marriage Solutions

If your marriage or relationship suffers from a lack of physical intimacy then know that you are not alone! Millions of couples have the same problem and unfortunately this can lead to many problems including divorce at it’s worst. Luckily there are some guides you can download that can help you find solutions to turning this around.

Premature EjaculationErectile Dysfunction

Men can suffer from a range of sexual dysfunctions at a young or old age which can inhibit a healthy sex life and can be a source of embarrassment and shame to many who would like to be more sexually active and please their partners more. There are however many techniques that do not involve drugs or paraphernalia to help in this regards and this information can be downloaded in an e-book format anonymously and quickly.

Spicing Up Your Sex Life!

If you are just looking for ways to add more excitement to your intimate encounters and want to learn the art of lovemaking for men or women then there are also plenty of guides out there for young and old to wow your partner in the bedroom and make you a sex god or goddess!


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