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Great sex is something everyone wants in their relationships which I am sure we can all agree. So when sex becomes stale, boring or repetitive over time, you can become anxious about your performance or the passion between you and your partner. This can cause relationship problems and problems of self worth which can vary depending on your particular set of circumstances.

As a part of having a complete site on all things to do with love and relationships sex can not be neglected. I have compiled a list of helpful downloadable guides and reviewed them to see if they are suitable for you to help revitalize the passion in your bedroom (or anywhere else … the bed is not always best as these guides will tell you!) or just to take you to the next level of great intimate lovemaking techniques.

While some people are eager to discover new ways of making love we understand that others may be worried about how explicit these guides are so we have only included e-books we feel are informative and will not shy away from the physical and technical aspects of sex but do not lower themselves to sleaze or smut.

I have divided these into general guides for couples in general if you are a man or a woman and another section just for men. It seems there are not many guides for women especially … perhaps we men just need more help?

Guides Reviewed – For Men & Women
500 Lovemaking Tips & Secrets
100 Sex Games For Couples
Guides Reviewed – Men Only
The Virtuoso Lover
Female Orgasm Guide

500 Lovemaking Tips & Secrets

As a relationship turns from new and exciting and started being classed as a long-term thing, many couples find it harder and harder to recapture the spark of exciting, steamy sex that was so unforgettable when you first got to together.

So if you are in a long-term relationship and your sex has perhaps lost some of its excitement is “500 Lovemaking Tips and Secrets” by acclaimed author Michael Webb a good resource to bring back the fire to your bedroom? Here is what we discovered.

The book starts with an overview of lovemaking that can give you an understanding of topics including bedroom toys, adult films, the importance of romance and some interesting facts about the Kama Sutra too. I think the section on romance is quite well written and both men and women should get a lot out of what Michael has to say here.

There are also guides on lubrication which may or may not be of interest to everyone and a brief illustrated lovemaking position guide at the back which is handy but not overly comprehensive. However this is not the Karma Sutra and does not try to be either; the main meat of the book you see is in the tips themselves which is the meaty part of the guide.

The tips section is clear and easy to read, well designed and engaging. Each page has about 8 to 10 tips that can really inspire your sexual side without having to read through dozens of long winded paragraphs of information beside the main point. This format is very good for helping you decide on spur of the moment decisions or cataloging some ideas to try next time you get down to it.

However all this is for naught if the tips themselves are not very good right?

Luckily this is where the book stands out and delivers what it promises. With exactly 539 lovemaking tips all up ranging from oral sex techniques,  fun foreplay games and arousal techniques to ways to make intercourse feel unique and much more sensual there are a lot of very good ideas you can implement for both men and women. There were some that seemed a quite silly and other that were quite obvious to me but most of them were appealing to me and my wife who also reviewed this guide and had positive things to say.

A word of warning though, do not sit there and try to read through this book in one go! There is too much and it is too overwhelming, this is a book to skim first and pinpoint bits and pieces as you go rather than a cover to cover guide as the tips tend to be all mixed together. It is not more traditionion guide with a step by step format because lovemaking is not that way either. Instead it is an sexual inspiration handbook perhaps might be the best way to describe it.

Another bonus that my wife especially appreciated was that there was nothing degrading or perverted in this guide that some other guides seem to thrive on like it was some amateur porn training guide. All the tips were unapologetically about sex of course, but did not cross the line into anything over the top or overly raunchy.

So in the end, is this what you are looking for?

If your sex life is not completely destroyed but is simply in a lull or you are worried it is heading this way this guide is an excellent choice to gain inspiration to make lovemaking exciting and passionate again.

This however is not a guide for people who actually have sexual problems or intimacy problems which are much more drastic.

Variety is the spice of life they say and with over 500 tips this certainly has that!

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100 Sex Games For Couples

One of the greatest challenges in your long term relationship is attempting to keep things fun and exciting in the bedroom.

However, work or your kids or a myriad of other tasks and chores that need to be done often interfere with the time you need to stoke the flames of passion in your sex life. If you are like me you know how busy life can be so it only makes sense to find new ideas that can be used over and again in your list of love making techniques.

Into this situation comes “100 Sex Games for Couples”. This is nothing outrageously kinky as sex games are a great way to keep your lovemaking fresh and original and may also have a longer reuse value than the variety of sex positions and lovemaking techniques.

Does this e-book by Michael Webb actually deliver on this promise though with enough good sex games to keep things interesting?

The book starts well with an introduction about how intimacy is spiritual, emotional & physical covering more aspects than some guides that gloss over straight to the physical aspect. This sets the tone for the entire book as the games are about ‘making love’ and not just a physical act of sexual intercourse.

The actual games that follow are divided into two sections which confused me for a second because there were only 33 games not a hundred until I saw that each game had multiple variations taking the total to 100. These variations have different rules and variation on the original concept which I thought was interesting because you could use the same game with a twist just when your partner might have been getting used to the original to keep them on their toes! Some of the games are more entertaining than others like any comprehensive list but they all had merit and some were very imaginative and very sexy.

For example there is an exciting guessing game, a passionate night of lovemaking but starting from an unusual location, an pleasurable storytelling game which I quite liked and even a card game with a twist (no, not just strip poker). They range from games involving food to communicating, touching and sharing intimate moments.

All in all, the book is well worth the asking price, considering it could be the very thing that brings you closer together as a couple!

So, is this book worth it? For the small amount it costs and the amazing variety of ideas that will give you many nights of pleasure and togetherness it is a great bit of extra reading that can liven up your sex life for years.

I recommend this guide to anyone looking for something new if things have gone a bit stale or even to those who are having good sex but want it to be great!

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The Virtuoso Lover

Review coming.

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Female Orgasm Guide

Finding a good guide on how to give women great orgasms is a lot harder than you think. We searched the internet and found many such guides but most were badly written, poorly illustrated, sleazy or even just plain wrong!

Thankfully I found Sexpertzone’s Female Orgasm Guide that stands out from the crowd!

First off it must be said that this is a very physical guide, it does not dwell on the emotional or spiritual aspect of lovemaking and instead opts for a rigorous approach to the fundamental physical aspects which in some ways is disappointing as the value of the emotional side of lovemaking is very important.

In the flip side of this no other guide is as comprehensive, practical and well set out as this guide making it a hard choice as our second placed guide only missing out because of its narrower focus.

So what is actually in this guide then?

The guide focuses around every aspect of the female orgasm revealing that women can have 3 types of climaxes which they explain in full. They also explain and show exactly how you can achieve these using all techniques available to you.

What makes it stand out is the exactness of the information along with diagrams and pictures to let you know exactly how, when and why to thrust or lick. It reads like a car owner’s manual in some ways which may not seem very flattering but if you struggle to give your women great orgasms you will know this is exactly what you need.

They boast that they cut out all the ‘fluff’ to give you concise and useful information and they are spot on with this claim making this an excellent guide for those confused by the female orgasm but also for anyone curious to expand their physical repertoire.

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All e-book guides reviewed on this site come with a 100% money back guarantee so if you are not satisfied with the product you can contact the publisher for a refund allowing you risk free purchases.