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Emotional Affairs – The Ugly Truth

With the shocking rise in emotional affairs, let me reveal why it’s the most problematic of affairs.

While just about any affair will be devastating to you, emotional affairs will be in some ways more potent than the typical sexual fling. Even though the visual thought of your partner engaging in sex with another is very shocking, finding out that they’ve given their heart and feelings to another person throws you into the stomach twisting depths of painful disloyality and loss.

What makes an emotional affair substantially more painful is its incredibly elusive nature. Whenever your spouse has had sex with someone else, there’s a sort of finality about it. After all, if they have done the misdeed then you will have to make some choices, of either to work through it, or to leave.

With emotional cheating, it proves to be a lot more difficult as nothing physical has actually happened so it becomes almost impossible to accuse, confront or prove. Nevertheless, if you are on the receiving end it can be truly devastating.

With the incredible rise of people hooking up over the online world, it has actually stemmed, or at least elevated the number of emotional affairs. Due to the anonymity provided online, it has allowed us to be at our most open and susceptible, and share our most private thoughts, problems and desires.
Being able to share our feelings in such an uncensored fashion by it’s very nature can create a bond with a stranger. This is often followed by real feelings as the contact and emotional bond grows between the two involved.

But what are you to do if you’re faced with a spouse or partner who you suspect is emotionally involved with someone else?

I will start by telling you what not to do. The biggest mistake you can make is to start accusing and meltdown into flaming confrontations. This will have the opposite effect of what you want. Since there has been no physical contact it is very easy for him/her to deny anything going on.

Instead of barraging them with questions, or demanding to get assurance, or making strict requests etc, you need to work on the one thing that will help him/her snap out of this bubble of emotional infidelity. And that is to make yourself more wanted.

You do that by improving yourself, by spending quality time with them and by rekindling all the areas of your relationship that made your partner fall in love with you in the first place.

While affairs are difficult, it is a chance for you to grow yourself. It will pay off in spades now and for the rest of your life. Talking about the affair is crucial to move forward.

If you want to find out the exact ways you can cope with your own emotional affair I suggest that you take a look at this website that deals with how to save your marriage in these times of trouble.

Is My Spouse Cheating On Me? Find Out Now

Do you worry and are uneasy when ever your spouse heads out the door with his or her friends for a night out? Your spouse never used to do this, it is something new and he or she is staying out later and later. You have to finally ask yourself “Is my spouse cheating on me?”.

You don’t want to deal with an unfaithful partner, especially if you have children. It is a threat to the family and financial security in a period of time that is scary at best for families and finances. Your mind is spinning but you keep coming back to “How dare my mate do this to our family and me?”.

You Need To Figure Out What Is Going On

Because of the stress from your mate cheating on you, all you want to do is strike out at them. This is understandable and normal. After all, your life partner may be having sex with someone else and they may be falling in love with that person.

But if you are able, try to be less emotional and more systematic to uncover evidence before you confront your spouse. There is always a possibility that you could be wrong and he or she isn’t cheating.

Check for these signs of cheating:

Oddly different behavior toward you recently? Has he or she become overly attentive to you, want to pick a fight over very small things or totally ignores you?
Is privacy becoming a big concern with your mate, including walking out of the room when speaking on their cell phone?
Is your spouse putting in late nights on the computer and recently set up a private log in for him or herself abandoning the shared one that you used to have?
Is your spouse on a crash diet and obsessing over their appearence?
Is your mate heading off the mail so that you can’t see the credit cards or bank statements or have your noticed extra amount of money being withdrawn at ATMs from your joint account?
Did you stumble accidentally on grooming products and a complete change of clothes for your mate in the trunk of your car?

These are some of the signs that you might have a spouse that is a cheater.

Here Are Some Options For You

This is the part that gets hard. Do you want to save your marriage if the problems can be worked out, especially if the affair is a mere fling or do you want a divorce?. Think about these options that you have.

Hiring a private investigator is an option. Expensive and you would probably only do this if you want a divorce. If you are moving toward a divorce, you will need a good divorce lawyer, also expensive.
If you want to try and save your marriage and you think that you can, you will need to get the facts, confront your mate and see if he or she wants to try to save the marriage. In which case you will probably need a good marriage counselor to find out what is wrong with the marriage as most unfaithfulness is caused by dissatisfaction with something in the marriage.

This is a quick look at a very serious and potentially devastating situation to your relationship and your family. If you can, try to approach this in a measured manner as the future and well being of both you and your family may depend on it.

Signs Of A Cheating Spouse

The telephone rings, it’s your husband “Sorry honey, the boss asked me to stay late to work on his new project, so I won’t be home until late”.

Your wife tells you that she is going to go out “clubing” with her girl friends, “girls night out” she calls it, but you know most of your wife’s girlfriends and they have never have been “partiers” in the past.

All very innocent? Could be, but it could also be signs of a cheating spouse.

Listen Up and Pay Attention

Daily habits and routines, most of us have them whether we want to admit it or not. You probably know your spouse’s habits and routines even if you have been married a short time.

Do you notice a change in habits like your partner obsessing over how he/she looks, working late when the job never required it before or a change in sleeping habits such as sleeping in when they never did before? Little things, for sure, but they could be a sign of cheating.

Hiding Cell Phone Records

Your spouse not wanting you to hear their cell phone conversations on a regular basis or getting very quiet when you walk in could be a cheating sign.

If you are able to see your partner’s cell phone bill, look for numbers, that you don’t recognize, that are called a lot or that call into their phone frequently. These could be cheating signs.

Sex Life Changes

People who are having affairs frequently, without realizing it, change their sex habits. Cheaters will many times want more or less sex then they did before.

Letting Home Chores Go Undone

Home chores will be either ignored, done late or haphazardly. Letting home repairs or chores fall behind or not done at all when in the past your spouse was right on top if it, can be a strong sign that their attention is not in their home, it is somewhere else.

Concern About Computer Privacy

You and your mate have always shared a common computer log in. He or she has now set their own log in a password.

You also used to share an email, now your mate has their own.

Working Late Hours

Your spouses’s job never required working late hours and now it does. This could be a sign of cheating. Some jobs have changed recently and may require more time, however this is a very troubling sign that you may have a cheater.

By themselves, any of these signs individually can be quite innocent, people do change. But it could also mean that you have a cheating spouse.

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Catch Your Cheating Spouse

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is your spouse cheatingfind out the truth now

Signs of Cheating? Check These 10 Signs of a Cheating Partner Before You Act!

The slowly dawning realization that your partner is cheating on you can cause many people to do some very silly things even if it turns out to not be true which can ruin a relationship that was actually fine! Love can be a strange thing and while it may make you feel better to confront and yell at your partner if you think they are having an affair it is best not to jump to conclusions yet. Before you confirm your suspicions look for more sign of cheating. There have been cases where a husband had been acting suspiciously and the wife confronted him one night when she got home, too late she realized that all her friends and family where hiding for a surprise party as she screamed at him. His actions were actually innocent but to her he seemed distant and secretive… how embarrassing! So get started by reading these 10 signs of a cheating partner.

1. Mysterious phone calls

Do you sometimes get a call at home only to have it hang up when you answer? Or does your partner sometimes take a call in a suspicious way by talking very quietly or walking into other rooms away from your hearing? With mobile phones more and more common it is harder to detect this but another clue with cell phones is if your partner does not let you near their phone for some reason … incriminating evidence perhaps.

2. New smells

Does your partner start smelling different? This can include the partner using perfume or aftershave more when they did not before or perhaps they smell of perfume or aftershave when coming home. The smells of cigarettes can also indicate they may be frequenting bars without you which could be suspicious too. Often you can smell these things in their clothes.

3. Guilt

Some people are able to hide their cheating very well and act exactly the same as if they were not. Most people however will not be that poker faced and may exhibit guilty behavior such as looking uncomfortable around you, or suddenly becoming very quiet, or even becoming much louder and more talkative but usually about nothing. If their behavior around you becomes more erratic than usual they may be wrestling with guilt and it is showing in their voice, face and actions.

4. Cleaning up

Another sign of cheating is the partner suddenly starts cleaning up fastidiously. They delete emails and websites very quickly and SMSes too, they wash their own clothes very quickly to get rid of smells and stains; they clean their car interior very regularly and even their wallet. Destroying evidence is a sign of a cheater trying very hard not to get caught.

5. Starts working out

While you may be impressed that your partner out of the blue starts working out and taking more care of themselves this could be their desire to look good for their lover not for you! This is usually is they do this without consulting you or talking about it however as they are not thinking about you only their affair.

6. Odd friendships

Do your mutual friends start acting strangely? They may know what is going on but cannot or will not say.

7. Change in sex

Does your partner suddenly stop having regular sex with you? OR do they suddenly have more and more sex? What about a sudden desire to try new love techniques? These could all point to the possibility of infidelity as their hormones and sexual appetites changes with their emotions and situation.

8. Less time

Does your partner suddenly have less time for you? Do they go away on more business trips than usual? Work more overtime? Go out to do errands in the morning but takes the whole day?

9. Money changes

Do you notice your partner is spending much more than they used to? New clothes and more money being used on things you cannot pin down that might be gifts for their lover? Do your transaction records show they have used their cards at restaurants or hotels? That is a sure fire sign of cheating!

10. Intuition

As much as you don’t want to be right you know your partner best. If your gut instinct is telling you there is something wrong it may be that all these little things have formed into a feeling at the back of your mind without you consciously thinking about it. While evidence and clues are most important to judge the facts you cannot ignore your own heart and mind either. Sometimes you also may not really believe it despite the clues and you may be like the woman I mentioned earlier who jumped the gun!

In the end all cheaters let something slip, even if they stop cheating now years later you may find out from something small and innocent even. In any event you must be sure before you take action on this or you could wreck a good relationship or even one that may have issues but are totally solvable! Good luck!

Are you still unsure about your partner? Do you need more help to uncover the truth?
If so, click below to find out how to catch your partner in the act or prove their innocence once and for all.

How to Catch Your Wife Cheating – 3 Investigation Tips

Suspect her of cheating?
Suspect her of cheating?

How to catch you wife cheating can be an awful process to go through but for men who suspect they have a cheating spouse the need to know and be sure is an immediate concern as the not knowing is often worse than finding out the truth.

The reason for this is that if you do not have proof you will constantly be thinking “is my wife cheating” and the anxiety and paranoia can destroy your marriage even if you might actually be mistaken! The point of trying to catch a cheating spouse is that you can at least have the whole story and be able to move on, confront them with facts or whatever action you want to take … but you can take it with more confidence. The trust is already destroyed in your relationship if you know or just suspect so stop wondering is she cheating and find out for sure for everyone’s benefit.

How to catch my wife cheating then you ask?

Private investigators can do this with a wide variety of methods but if you pay attention you can do this on your own as long as you keep a calm disposition, a logical frame of mind and be aware of what she is doing and saying. Some techniques that find clues and proof are listed below:

  • 1. Digital Communications – One of the most important ways to catch a cheating spouse is to investigate the digital ‘paper trail’ that we all leave in this modern age of cell phones, emails, internet dating sites, social networking sites and more. Cell phones are a good source of phone numbers to investigate and SMS messages to spy on and the home computer (or work computer) can contain emails, internet site histories, internet cache, or if they are sloppy just bookmarks to suspect sites. If this proves to be a dead end and too clean they may realize you might be looking and deleting everything to cover their tracks … this may not be the end as there is software than can track peoples movements on a computer without being detected that could be of use.
  • 2. Bank accounts – Money is often needed when in an affair as a cheat often gives gifts, pays for motel rooms, dinners and so forth. While a woman is often harder to track as men tend to do the paying anomalies can be found in credit card statements and bank accounts statements. Payment to expensive restaurants, motels or even to buy birth control or sexy underwear you have never seen might raise a flag. Also large sums of money withdrawn from ATMs may be in indication that they are trying to pay for cash on things so they cannot be traced in this way and can be a vital clue.
  • 3. Time – Time is the most important asset to a cheating spouse as they need time to be with their lover and this is something you need to track. Where are they? Why did they take so long to get home from work? Why is nothing done when she said she would be cleaning all day? These are some questions to ask yourself but remember not to be too direct or to get too nosey on this matter until you have more proof because this can cause more problems in the long run.

While it may be hard to stay unemotional during this period it is vital to do so when you set ask yourself how to catch my wife cheating. Without expert advice though you can make some serious mistakes that can damage things further and make it harder to catch them cheating.
If you want to avoid these pitfalls and prove their guilt (or their innocence!) click below to find guide written by experts on catching a cheating spouse that can give you step by step instructions to end the anxiety.


Catch Your Husband Cheating Without Hiring a Private Investigator

Affairs destroy the one binding force that ties all relationships together Trust. When you know your husband has been cheating on you that bond of trust disintegrates but at least the issue is out in the open if you have proof and they have admitted it. If you suspect your husband is unfaithful however and have yet to catch your husband cheating then you suffer a twofold dilemma, the trust is gone and you are left with the anxiety of not knowing for sure and the options seem to be to stay quiet and hope or to confront them without any proof or hire a private investigator … or is there another way?

The option more and more women facing this problem choose is to take action! Living in distrust and anxiety thinking “is my husband cheating” is no way to live and hiring someone can be extremely expensive and can be difficult to do without your husband finding out. Instead being able to conduct your own investigation is something anyone can do and can do better than an investigator because you are their wife!

The first thing to know is that sometimes you may not be able to find a ‘smoking gun’ to prove you have a cheating spouse such as dirty messages, underpants, pictures of them kissing and so forth … instead most evidence is gathered over time in bits and pieces. Further to this, the digital nature of our lifestyle has influences detective work as well as how men cheat with online dating sites, social websites like facebook, instant messenger services and of course email.

So the first step you should take is to get digital. Check their cell phone for evidence, SMS messages phone numbers and names that you do not recognize and so forth, also check their computer but do not just look in the obvious places such as emails, search website histories or if you are more tech savvy check their cookies to see what sites they might visit even if they clear out their history and cache. If this is so totally clean it is obvious they are deleting all evidence you may need to go one step further on the digital front by using spy software that remains invisible to your cheating husband and tracks what they do for you to inspect later.

So if this sounds like something you can do and you want to know more on how to catch your husband cheating click below to find out how to end the uncertainty and prove their guilt or innocence.