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How to Catch Your Wife Cheating – 3 Investigation Tips

Suspect her of cheating?
Suspect her of cheating?

How to catch you wife cheating can be an awful process to go through but for men who suspect they have a cheating spouse the need to know and be sure is an immediate concern as the not knowing is often worse than finding out the truth.

The reason for this is that if you do not have proof you will constantly be thinking “is my wife cheating” and the anxiety and paranoia can destroy your marriage even if you might actually be mistaken! The point of trying to catch a cheating spouse is that you can at least have the whole story and be able to move on, confront them with facts or whatever action you want to take … but you can take it with more confidence. The trust is already destroyed in your relationship if you know or just suspect so stop wondering is she cheating and find out for sure for everyone’s benefit.

How to catch my wife cheating then you ask?

Private investigators can do this with a wide variety of methods but if you pay attention you can do this on your own as long as you keep a calm disposition, a logical frame of mind and be aware of what she is doing and saying. Some techniques that find clues and proof are listed below:

  • 1. Digital Communications – One of the most important ways to catch a cheating spouse is to investigate the digital ‘paper trail’ that we all leave in this modern age of cell phones, emails, internet dating sites, social networking sites and more. Cell phones are a good source of phone numbers to investigate and SMS messages to spy on and the home computer (or work computer) can contain emails, internet site histories, internet cache, or if they are sloppy just bookmarks to suspect sites. If this proves to be a dead end and too clean they may realize you might be looking and deleting everything to cover their tracks … this may not be the end as there is software than can track peoples movements on a computer without being detected that could be of use.
  • 2. Bank accounts – Money is often needed when in an affair as a cheat often gives gifts, pays for motel rooms, dinners and so forth. While a woman is often harder to track as men tend to do the paying anomalies can be found in credit card statements and bank accounts statements. Payment to expensive restaurants, motels or even to buy birth control or sexy underwear you have never seen might raise a flag. Also large sums of money withdrawn from ATMs may be in indication that they are trying to pay for cash on things so they cannot be traced in this way and can be a vital clue.
  • 3. Time – Time is the most important asset to a cheating spouse as they need time to be with their lover and this is something you need to track. Where are they? Why did they take so long to get home from work? Why is nothing done when she said she would be cleaning all day? These are some questions to ask yourself but remember not to be too direct or to get too nosey on this matter until you have more proof because this can cause more problems in the long run.

While it may be hard to stay unemotional during this period it is vital to do so when you set ask yourself how to catch my wife cheating. Without expert advice though you can make some serious mistakes that can damage things further and make it harder to catch them cheating.
If you want to avoid these pitfalls and prove their guilt (or their innocence!) click below to find guide written by experts on catching a cheating spouse that can give you step by step instructions to end the anxiety.


Catch Your Wife Cheating or Prove Her Innocence

Men and women may be very different creatures but when faced with the prospect of infidelity in their spouse the reactions can be very similar; anxiety, hurt, shame, anger and the two big ones … uncertainty and the destruction of the bond of TRUST. Being unfaithful may destroy trust when it is found but at least the poison of suspicion has been purged by then, so the only way to end the situation you are in is to find proof and catch your wife cheating on you or discover that your fears are unfounded.

So how do i catch my wife cheating?

Well wondering ‘is my wife cheating’ will not do anything but wind you up even further so try to remain calm and set a plan of action to investigate the possibility of infidelity. To catch a cheating spouse you do not need to plant spy devices or tail them on their nights out (though sometimes it does come to this), then first thing you should do is look for the obvious things, the signs of cheating such as strange phone behavior, consistently late from work or shopping and so forth. Build up a picture of her movements so you know the times and places you can act or investigate.

Once you do this though, the first things you should be looking at these days is the computer and cell phone. With the digitalization of modern society finding a saucy letter or something physical is less likely but finding dating sites, porn sites; saucy emails and SMS messages are much more common.

The computer is an especially important place to check email, internet histories, internet caches, cookies and everywhere that data can be stored which might contain clues. The phone is also a good place that might have SMS messages but also a list of phone numbers she calls often that might have you unthinking is she cheating with the guy from this number? If these are all clean you may have to move on to more drastic measures such as spy software to track their movements online.

These can all get some hard evidence but you must not neglect the psychological aspect of investigations which deals with detecting lies and understanding what they are really saying and how they might be trying to manipulate you which women are oh so good at.

So if you think you can do these things and want to prove their guilt or innocence and end the nightmare of suspicion and doubt then click below for a list of in depth guides than will get you a solution in a matter of days.


How to Catch Cheating Girlfriends & Remove the Doubt

Doubt is worse than actually knowing a terrible truth as it implants a lack of trust in your relationship which may not be warranted while also making you anxious and paranoid. If you want to remove this doubt you need to know how to catch cheating girlfriends so you can actually be sure of their guilt or innocence and from there you can actually confront them, dump them or try to mend your relationship depending on your own unique situation.

Signs of Cheating

The first thing to do is to look for signs of cheating, you have already picked some up if you are looking for this information but the more you find the better to discover the truth. Some commons things you need to watch out for include:

  • Changes in schedule – time is needed to conduct an affair so if you find your girlfriend has changed her routine greatly and keeps changing it by working late, being out of contact for much longer than is reasonable and being defensive about this you might have a sign of cheating.
  • Changes in Intimacy – The way your girlfriend interacts with you intimately be it sexually or just being close can change drastically if they are cheating on you. Sometimes they may become much more withdrawn and will not react to your advances anymore and other times they may become uncharacteristically overly intimate with you which may seem good but is it you they are actually thinking of. Women’s hormones make a big difference to this so do not jump to conclusions but if you know her usually moods during the month and this is different it may be a cheating sign.
  • Defensiveness – People who are doing something they know is wrong will often become very defensive if questioned about it, confronting them directly is a bad idea but if you probe a little bit and find them biting your head off for it you might have touched on a sore spot.
  • Phone or internet oddities – If your girlfriend uses her cell phone regularly and the internet and you find them taking phone conversations out of your ear shot and closing programs and browser windows when you get to close they might be trying to hide something.


Once you have found enough signs of cheating to be reasonably sure they may be unfaithful you can stop wondering “is she cheating” and get to finding proof of girlfriend cheating because without proof you will find they can simply deny it and can even find ways to blackmail you for your hastiness. Proof of cheating is essential for you to be able to take any action so do not be too quick to do something out of anger and hurt before you have the proof and you understand what and why they are doing this. A few investigation tips for the modern digital age are as follows:

  • Cell phones – Cell phones can be a gold mine of information with call records and phone numbers along with SMS messages you can look at. Sometimes you can find a smoking gun but often they will be careful about keeping their phone clean but they do often forget to delete their call history …
  • Computers – Computers are an even bigger depository of information with chatting and online activities becoming much more closely linked it can have everything you need from visited sites, chat histories, cached content and email you can find out a lot about their unfaithfulness from a computer. If you find it is overly clean of any information though they may be deleting everything out of fear of being caught.

Even if you find proof of your girlfriend cheating from the cheating signs knowing if she is cheating may lead you to do things you regret, click below to find comprehensive guides to catching your cheating girlfriend in the act and also exactly how to handle the situation without making matters worse.