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Being In Love Online- A Practical Guide

More and more people these days are finding love online be it due to time constraints, unsociable working hours or simply the death of the community, but one thing is for sure, this is the fastest growing way to meet potential partners, however it has it’s pitfalls. Whilst online dating agencies may offer a quick way to meeting these partners, Instant Messaging using programs such as ICQ, MSN, or Odigo offer a lightning speed way of getting very intimate, very quickly. It is so quick because you can be just who you want to be when you are chatting online, no one will see you blush if you say something wrong and most importantly, it allows you to take risks that you would never dream of taking in the real world. The most powerful aspect of this all though is that we paint our own picture in our minds of what the other person is without all those non-verbal cues such as facial expressions and mannerisms that subconsciously in the real world tell us valuable things about the person. In short, with our own beautifully created perception of the person, fall for them. So why do we as intelligent human beings end up falling for people we have never even met before? The answer is simple we want to be in love, we so want to tell ourselves that the searching for our soul mate is over and with that we picture our lives in a blissful sea of coupledom, sharing our lives together. Sadly it is this haste to end our single lives that can lead to disappointment as quickly as it started.

Meeting Your online love for the first time

Sooner or later the question of actually meeting in person will come up and whilst many people would say it’s better to take your time and let the online relationship develop, I strongly believe that the sooner you do it, the better. If you leave it too long, then the impression you have built up of this person will be so deep rooted that your expectations will be far too high and you will be set for disappointment. The other point is if you have been a lot more confident chatting than you would be in real life, how are you going to be able to keep up that persona? You may end up competing with yourself. So assuming that you are both happy with the length of time the romance has been going on for and you decide to meet, what will it be like? It will be quite strange to begin with. You may find that although you have been up most nights until 5 in the morning chatting, you find it hard to talk about things in the flesh. This is perfectly natural as the two of you are having to almost re-learn the parameters of the relationship and digest the visual cues that our mannerisms and facial expressions provide. It will be a nerve racking time as we have to decide there and then if these mannerisms and even physical odours are compatible with us. If you can pass that first test, then things get a lot easier. Do however be very careful if you are traveling abroad to meet someone because if things fail at this first hurdle, then you are totally stuck on your own in a foreign country.

Passed first base, what next?

Having gone through this initial nerve racking first meeting, there is often a huge temptation to revert back to an ‘online relationship’ as it feels so much more comfortable, but I cannot stress enough to resist that temptation. Slip back into the old online chatting routine and the online persona won’t die. The transition from online to offline relationship can be extremely difficult but at all costs, you must get to know the real person from a new offline perspective and kill off any false impressions you may have had about them online. Going back to the online chatting routine may make you feel all warm and fuzzy again, but it can be an unrealistic perception of who the person really is.

In Summary

This all may seem a little negative and in some cases may not even apply, but overall, forewarned is forearmed. There are of course many people who have made a success of their relationship by Instant Messaging and some are even married now but it really pays to be aware of how feelings can be distorted by the shield of an anonymous nickname and a computer monitor.

Single Parents Internet Dating

These days, single parents are not as interested in seeing other people as before. Searching a partner is the last thing on a single parent’s mind because there are still more demanding matters to attend to like running a home, caring for the kids, shopping, working and household chores.

As most of the single parents are way past their teens, majority of them don’t like going to bars and clubs to meet new partners. Other single parents are merely so tired or just don’t have the time to socialize and date due to the huge amount of routine work. Some single parents have already went through a great deal of tension with their former partner that they are already daunted to have a new one. It is always a very distressing thought for most single parents of having to experience the same mistakes and troubles as before when they have found a possible partner.

Nevertheless, the internet has been a new instrument for most single parents which permits them to meet new friends and potential partners. With the advance of online activities, single parent dating brings another avenue for finding new love.

Single parents can apply amply the vastness of the internet to begin their quest for the future possible mate and parent to their kids. There are so many websites that specifically aims at single parents. Do not be overpowered by the countless dating sites that you will run into when you begin internet dating. Opt and go on sites that are famous and credible when choosing your options.

Since most of the members of these sites are also single parents, it is therefore a very reassuring thing to know. Finding a potential match can be very difficult and distressing and these single parents also know the hardships you’ve gone through with dating. You will eventually feel a sense of assurance and acceptance by frequently checking these dating sites. These internet sites could lead you to making new friendships and interesting romances with folks who have the same likes as you do.

What are the various things to look out for when dating as a single parent? Being safe is the chief importance in online dating and should never be disregarded. Don’t give out own informations until you feel at ease and that you sense the person or people you are exchanging details with are genuine and upfront. Always ensure that if you do meet personally with someone that you go to the meeting place thru your own transport and have some means of contact with another person who you have informed where you will be. Also never invite the other person to your abode or give out your residential address until you are confident that their intentions are authentic.

Searching a worthy date from one of these online sites may be a snap but remember that the actual challenge comes after the computer has been switched off. Keeping your potential mate’s interest and sincerity can be a real hurdle for you. You might try alot of things to keep them fixated on you but being yourself is just the most simple solution in attaining all these. Online dating sites might furnish numerous hints on pursuing your date and growing the romance but self-confidence is still the key to all of these and is worth more than all of the tips combined.

The Greatness Concerning Internet Dating

Eleven years ago I first connected to the internet. Suddenly I was exposed to a wealth of information, a brave new technological world that introduced me to seemingly interminable–and potentially dangerous–possibilities. At my fingertips was the ability to accumulate and consume data on most every conceivable subject. An alluring prospect for a voracious reader and avid learner, I was quickly enamored of this newfound realm that had suddenly opened up to me.

I was very intrigued with the concept of speaking with individuals from around the globe that I would have otherwise never met. To satisfy my curiousness, I began visiting message boards and chat communities, quickly developing a fondness for both. As I became more involved, my exposure to individuals from different parts of the country and the world increased. Many of these exchanges were casual and limited to public arenas. However, several developed into private conversations sustained through emails, instant messaging programs and, in certain instances, phone calls.

I had begun the process of introducing unnecessary drama into my existence by allowing such “friendships.” Empowered by their anonymity and a lack of immediate (if any) consequence, I encountered charlatans, liars, people who cloaked their true intentions with false kindness and semi-flowered phrases. One such individual began to assume my online identity, posting distasteful comments on message boards I used to visit. For good measure, he sent me a profane email with my first and last name in the address line.

There were other incidents, many of them involving persons who had constructed entirely false identities. Married people pretending to be single; parents denying the existence of their children; older women posing as younger ones; tall, tragic tales weaved to engender pity; fake photos.

Some among you have experienced this, or worse, in your online interactions. Yet there are cases that reach even greater extremes.

In September of 2008, 21-year-old David Heiss traveled from Germany to Nottingham, England, and brutally stabbed 20-year-old Matthew Pyke 86 times in the apartment he shared with his girlfriend of three years, Joanna Witton. Heiss had become obsessed with Witton after he had met her on a war gaming site that she and Pyke owned and operated. He would look at photographs of her on her Facebook page and send her messages professing his love despite her insistence that she was in a relationship. This, however, did not dissuade Heiss. He paid Pyke and Witton a couple of surprise visits at their home. Although Witton wanted to book a hotel room for Heiss, he insisted on sleeping at the foot of the couple’s bed.

Disturbed by his behavior, Witton subsequently blocked Heiss’s access to the gaming site. Unfortunately, her attempts at avoiding him were futile and on his last surprise visit, he murdered her boyfriend soon after she left their apartment that morning.

Yes, this is a severe and tragic example, there are many instances of cyber stalking that go unreported or are not covered by the national news. It is estimated that over one million women and four hundred thousand men are stalked annually–most of them on the Internet.

When you interact with a stranger online, you really do not know with whom you are dealing. Although you may feel safe sharing personal information following a series of chats and messages, you are placing yourself at risk. While some individuals have developed successful friendships and relationships through this electronic medium, these occasions seem to be the exception. Paranoia is not the answer but caution,even if it is erring on the side of it,is preferable.

What preventative measures can you take to protect yourself? If you are already being harassed by someone online, how should you handle the situation? Following are some suggestions.

*If you are having one-on-one conversations with a person you encountered online, disclose this to your family and friends. Be forthright with them regarding the nature of the relationship and disclose other pertinent information such as your friend’s email address, location, line of work, general background, etc.

*Recognize that in using social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace, you are sharing more information about yourself than you may be aware of. Parry Aftab of wiredsafety.org says, “The Internet is a great place, but it is a vast billboard and don’t put anything out there that you wouldn’t put on a billboard on Route 80.”

*When creating profiles, do not add any personal information. This includes photographs. Use a moniker that is gender-neutral.

*Use your primary email address only with people you know and trust. Otherwise, make accounts with Google, Yahoo, or the like for all other purposes.

*Do not share personal information on any company site until you have verified its trustworthiness.

*According to the Justice Department, most cyber stalking occurs in the form of unsolicited, undesired emails and instant messages. Whether you are being harassed in private or bullied on public forums, your first line of defense is to ignore the stalker. Do not encourage his behavior by engaging him in a flame war. Inasmuch as it is possible, block him from contacting you. Even if you sense that the situation will not escalate, make no assumptions. Retain all forms of communication as evidence. You may need it.

*If necessary, change your online identity and your Internet Service Provider.

*Take care not to reveal your location, whether directly or indirectly.

*If you are being cyber stalked and all other measures to diffuse the situation have proven futile, contact the authorities.

The internet can expand your world in significant and positive ways. As with any tool, there is the potential for abuse. Therefore, always remember that when you chat with someone–however friendly they may seem–you never know who is hiding on the other side of the monitor.

Finding A Reputable Dating Site

Singles – men and women alike – may choose to use the help of a dating site when it comes to finding a match. There are so many sites out there that it may seem to be difficult to choose the one that will work for you. There are a few qualities that you can look for that will help you to find one that will be successful for you. Here are some of the things that will help you to choose the perfect site.

The first thing that you need to look for is a good reputation. If you and your friends have heard of the site, then it is pretty safe to say that they have a good reputation and are well known. If it is a site that you have never heard of, it would probably be a good idea to overlook that one. You can also talk to friends and get ideas from them as to which company to sign up with.

Before you pay for a site, see if they will offer you a trial period for free. One of the best ways to decide if the site will work for you is to try it out first. You may find that you do not like the way the site is set up – and it is better to find out about it before you pay for it. Get a good feel of the site before you decide to make an investment in it.

A key factor to consider is that free is not always the best way to go. While there may be some great free sites out there, these sites may not give you the results that you are looking for. You will find that most of the time you get what you pay for, and this is no different when it comes to online dating sites. This does not mean you have to choose the most expensive site.

These are just a few things that you should consider when you are trying to decide which dating site to sign up with. Many people have had success with finding lasting love through online dating sites. It is definitely a lot more acceptable these days than it was in recent years. If you want to give it a try, make sure that you choose a site that is going to give you the most success possible – as not all dating sites are created equally.

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What Makes A First Rate Dating Site

With so many different websites offering dating services, how is it possible to choose between them? There are actually many different free online dating websites and subscription based sites but what seperates them and how do you select the one which suits your needs?
Specific Dating Sites
There are some absolutely free online dating websites that specialise in particularly specialities. For example, religion is one such speciality that is common on the internet wherever yow will discover specialist online dating websites intended to gather people of a particular faith to meet other persons of equivalent faith. You can also find other internet sites particularly focused on other areas for example sexual preference or ethnic group. These websites all cater to the needs of those that are just looking to come across communities of individuals who meet their interests or likes and with any luck locate a partner.
Devoid of a good number of members, any dating website just isn’t going to perform very well. To locate a date that suits you, you first should have a big pool of potential candidates to work with. From that group you will likely focus your search to seek out those people who suit the attributes you most wish for in a partner as narrowly as possible. With this in mind, some of the free online dating in the UK websites suit so many people given that they are free to become a member. On the other hand, subscription based web sites might additionally carry good quantities of serious users who were prepared to give up their hard earned cash as a way to hopefully locate a future partner.
Dating site Characteristics
Various useful features to check for on a possible dating website are:-

A wide array of information – so you can understand as much as possible concerning how a potential dating partner looks and their interests prior to contacting them.
A place where you can see date or time they were last active on the absolutely free online dating site – This can be useful in order to make contact with just those members who are newly logged in because older profiles could have currently found a date or are no longer actively using the website.
A protected solution to send messages to other users without initially revealing your email address, phone number, etc.
A web chat system can help to instantaneously make contact with other website users who are online

Finally, discovering a suitable dating site will often come down to the characteristics you want plus discovering where possible website users that match you the most hang out. This can be why it may be the best idea to test a number of distinct internet sites in the beginning to determine which work out best for you.

Creating A Profile On A Dating Site

Online dating is an increasingly popular option for many single people. With so many people using online dating sites, how can you make sure your profile stands out? This guide looks at some top tips for creating your profile on an online dating site. The first rule when creating your profile is that you need to be honest. If you lie on your profile – even really small lies – it’s highly likely you’ll get found out if you then meet up with someone from the site.

You should make sure you include a brief section of biographical information so that people reading your profile get a feel for the sort of person you are. You can tell them where you’re from and where you grew up, as well as any major events that have shaped your life. Remember, though, that you’re just supposed to be giving people the highlights – don’t tell them everything or else there’ll be nothing left for them to discover if you later start dating.

You can also tell a lot about whether or not you would get on with a person by what their interests are, so make sure to include some information on your hobbies. Don’t just state facts, though: tell people your favorite books and why you like them rather than just saying you like reading, as this will give a warmer impression of you. If you start talking to someone, it could also provide good conversation material, so make sure you’re passionate about your hobbies.

Another important thing to include in your online dating profile is what you are looking for. Are you looking for a man or a woman? How old would you like them to be? Do you have any preferences when it comes to appearance, religious or political beliefs or their upbringing? Are you looking for a serious relationship or do you just want to meet new friends? It’s important you say exactly what you’re looking for, but don’t be too choosy or you might not find anyone who makes the grade.

One last thing to include in your online dating profile is a recent photograph of yourself, as this will really help to humanize you and enable people to relate to you, therefore maximizing your chances of a successful match. It has been proved that you are more likely to be successful with online dating if you include a photo, so this is definitely a worthwhile profile addition. Make sure the photo flatters you and that it is recognizably you and you should be good to go – good luck.

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Online Dating- Romantic Moments For Free

The social networking world of today is really innovating fast and making the communication means very easy and accessible. Most of the people today are now knowledgeable enough about the advantages and mechanism of using the actual social networking scheme. With that, hi-tech or the so called “virtual relationships” are now very much feasible . Nowadays, the connotation of the thought behind virtual relationships are those mutual setting developing between two persons, whether in the opposite sex or not, because of using the internet. These are possibly done with the use of Instant Messaging, Live Chat Messenger, and other social networking sites. Because of this trend, many individuals are now open to meeting other people through web and sometimes even online dating is very popular as way of love searching or just a means of attaining good camaraderie.

Online dating is the popular trend of conference strangers or long lost relatives and friends through using those well-liked social networking sites. People decide to have these kind of communication as it is easier, it is accessible and it is obviously safer in conference new people compared to those individual meet ups. Other people choose to do online dating just to kill their times, make it a hobby or pastime or just typically sort of spree for a certain individual. One of the most valuable reasons why individuals engage in doing online dating is that they are experiencing romantic moments for free of charge, except for the internet connection that you pay for lump sum; many people are really enticed in doing this kind of hobby.

The way how online dating looks and sounds advantageous is the same associated with how it connotes disadvantage particularly when you are not wise enough in the event that dealing with other people over the world associated with internet. First, although online dating tend to be somewhat free there are lots of instances that are possible to happen when you are not careful enough in working with its mechanism. You should always be cautious and skeptical in giving your details to newly found friends and friends over the internet.

If you are already being used much in doing online dating, you should be very more objective in what you are doing and as much as feasible avoid those problem-causing techniques. Remember that there are many impeccable pictures, details and other information that are widely spread in the internet. There are lots of online dating sites that are appearing today and each of those websites are really bombarded with lots of bogus users and you don’t want to be 1 their victims. Be always reminded that free happiness always equates to a happier ending, it could be the worst.

Within online dating sites, some of them require information in the user to help them promote making their site more enticing to other customers . If you choose to provide some, ensure that you are not giving the whole detail, brief and catchy particulars might do. This will prevent and protect you from those phony users and from those instances that might put your own identity at the worst case.

Online dating is the best answer for those who are tired of heading out but want to experience relationship . Online dating has something to offer you that the traditional dating activity won’t ever do.You can visit http://www.Click4OnlineDating.com to know what is that thing you must know.

Online Dating Research & Psychology

Online dating has become a trend that is getting more powerful as the years go by. Internet access is available at almost every household in the US making it easier for people who want to give online dating a try.

Online dating sites are sprouting everywhere, some are free and some charge a fee to its members. As much as we hear from them online we also see them on the news. There have been many different success stories but there have also been other not so successful.

Online dating has been the subject of research in order to determine what percentage of the population has signed up for it. They have also tried to research the percentage of success and failure and some have also tried to explore the psychological profile of the people that make use of these sites.

Some people tend to put a label on the online dating users; they might refer to them as being socially unfit or simple freaks. However this has been proven wrong by the data obtained in research. It was found that people who date online are more probable to be sociable and in many cases have a high self-esteem. It is definitely NOT the last resource of the freaks; most of the people that use these sites are simply busy or new in town.

There are many free online dating sites where people can fill out their personal information in order to attract possible dates. However researchers have found that a grand majority tend to lie in their information. This is nothing to be alarmed by because the lies tend to be quite small or harmless. It has been found that the lies are mostly in regards of age and height; after all they are trying to increase their chances of success. Serious online daters try to avoid saying big lies because ultimately they do want to meet up in person, therefore lying for example about your height will not be as noticeable as lying about your gender.

Researchers have also found that online daters like to tweak their profile picture in order to look a bit more attractive. Some remove some wrinkles others enhance the color of their hair. It was found that people that feel less physically attractive are the ones that tend to tweak their photo. However the difference hasn’t been as noticeable because as stated before all they want is to eventually meet in person.

It has also been found that in general, online daters tend to look for people that are similar to themselves. The old saying opposites attract might not be shown as true in the online dating world. An example observed were sports fans looking for a sports fan date.

Even though online dating is still quite new and the data about its success and failure might be a bit limited, it can be said that in the US around 42 percent of couples first met online and while in the UK this figure was 21 percent. Many out there will still not consider giving online dating a try but sooner or later they might change their mind.