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Before And After Photos Of Penis Enlargement- Are They True?

One of the best ways to get somebody’s attention is to show the results of a product, from the “before” & “after” point-of-view. This is popular with commercials about cleaning agents. They typically reveal you some surface in the kitchen that is greasy and ugly. They spray some of their magic cleaner on the mess. Wait a few seconds, and then miraculously wipe away the greasy dirt with a wet sponge.

Certainly these attain our attention, as they reinforce the notion that a picture is worth a thousand words. Images and commercials like this stand out and “prove” that the brand is so incredible.

With penile enlargement products, you see the very similar to “before/after” photos. In one picture the male looks like his penis is three inches long. However, in the second photo, it appears as if his penis has grown to an astonishing eight or nine inches.

A guy’s first reaction whenever he sees these images is to be very impressed. Unfortunately, though, most of these photos have been “photoshopped.” This connotes that they have been “manipulated” into appearing to be something they are not. whereas not all the pictures like this are “faked,” a nice many are. Here are a few simple ways to tell:

1) If the image is the similar to with the before/after picture. This means the identical background, lighting, and angle of the camera shot. If the picture sounds to be taken in the identical precise way, it’s probably a fake, as it’s near impracticable to create the identical environment for the second picture.

2) strange “block” pixelating. Typically these are observed where the shaft of the organ sounds to have “grown.” The pixels in this area of the skin will be bigger with less clarity. Their boundaries will be markedly delineated and they will be much different from other aspects of the image. You will notice that the resolution will be various in these “growth” areas on the shaft and of lesser quality. Sometimes a “blurring” or out-of-focus effect will be discernible in these areas.

3) Coloration – many times in image manipulation the colors will be changed. check to see if there is a normal and continuous pattern of colors on the shaft of both pictures. If the colors seem to achieve washed out in the secondary photo and not the first, it is probably the second image was “improved.”

There are other techniques, too. Lighting is important, especially with shadows. a lot of times they will enlarge the penile gauge nevertheless not change the shadow size. One super technique is to save the images and look at them closely since zooming in on the pixels. This method will render a lot of fakes jump right out at you. Also, decreasing and improving brightness or collate on both images (the identical) and comparing them will typically expose anomalies that occurred through the photo-manipulation process.

Now, if you do get discrepancies in the photos, it will be up to you to settle if you can trust their product or services, or not.

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Penis Enlargement Graphs For Graphing Out Your Penis Size Increases For Improved Result Monitoring

One way of continuing to remain motivated during your penis enlargement journey is to learn how to graphically represent your enlargement results. Utilizing such graphs gives you another point-of-view for seeing how your enlargement results are coming along and to help you set up goals for the future and better manage your penile enlargement protocol.

Graphical charts can be created and printed on-line for free from numerous web-sites that offer this service. If you utilize this method and print them out, you can easily create a binder to put the graphs in. A better method, however, if possible, is to purchase some poster board and create large charts to hang on your wall. This may not be easy to do if you have a lot of visitors to the room where you have the charts and aren’t very keen on other people seeing your charts. However, by hanging these charts on the wall, they will be a constant reminder to you about your penis enlargement goals and how well you are doing to reach them.

You can make any sort of graph that you like, however, the “Line Graph” I find to be the most illustrative and helpful. This is simply an X-Y axis graph that is marked per each measurement reading. You can then connect the “dots” in the chart with lines and get a nice graphical representation of what your enlargement results are looking like. By studying such graphs, you can see patterns in your enlargement program which can be extremely helpful in adjusting your enlargement routine to get better results.

Three graphs are recommended:

1) Penis Length – Here the bottom line (Horizontal) should be delineated every two weeks and the up and down line (Vertical) should be in increments of 1/4″.

2) Penis Girth – Here the bottom line (Horizontal) should be delineated every two weeks and the up and down line (Vertical) should be in increments of 1/4″.

3) Penis Volume – Here the bottom line (Horizontal) should be delineated every two weeks and the up and down line (Vertical) should be in increments of.25 cubic inches.

You can also use metric units if you prefer and utilize other methods of measurement, such as diameter, percentage increase, and anything else you desire. I prefer a re-measurement about every two weeks. Some men prefer to make weekly measurements and some men prefer monthly measurements. Whatever is most useful for you is the gradation you should use.

You can also make notes on the bottom of the graphs to notate certain events that may have applied during a particular time frame or day. For example, if you were unable to perform your penis exercises for four days because you had the flu, then you would want to notate this on your graph to point out how this may have effected your enlargement results for that two-week period. It’s highly helpful to make these notations as they will give you a better idea as to what events in your life may have impacted your enlargement results. Even things such as stress from a new job, starting a new type of exercise, lifestyle changes, and anything that is out of the ordinary for your typical time frame should be noted. This will help you also see patterns that may be having an effect on your enhancement results – for good or bad. Every small piece of information can be utilized to monitor your progress and to improve your size figures.

Making such graphs will also allow you to set fantastic goals. For example, if your penis is five inches long and you want to reach 6.5 inches in two months, then simply put a big red “X” at 6.5 inches on your chart at the two-month region. By looking at this every day, it will help you work toward getting that extra one-and-a-half inches. You can the increase or decrease your exercises to help you reach that goal. For example, if you notice you are falling behind, then you can increase your workouts to compensate for your falling behind.

Again, anything one can do to better visualize, monitor, keep track of, and keep motivation levels up is a great way to ensure that you get the most out of your penis-enhancement program.

Georg von Neumann

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Health News: You’ll Recognize Penis Enlargement Surgery Details For Your Health Today

Health News update: You’ll Know Penis Enlargement Surgery Facts For Your Health Today

In case you have a problem with your penis size, you come to the right place because we will let you know a superb page that will tell you methods to make your penis bigger and strong. We actually recommend you to pick natural penis enlargement ways to make your penis bigger than you select Penis Enlargement Surgery approach.

You might have some parts of your body which you like, but you might also own some parts of your body which you don’t love because that part does not have a fantastic shape and it is far of your expectation. Lots of people try to find the best method to get an effective answer and if you are a person who does not satisfy along with your penis size, you possibly can come to the internet and uncover the most effective answer to solve your concern. Anyway, there are some solutions to create your penis stronger, you’ll be able to take penis enlargement surgery, consume pills and so on, but today we would like to advise you choose natural Penis Enlargement exercises and it is good for your health.

As we all know there are several products, medicines or tools that offer you to own the size you want. However, not all of these efforts to enlarge your penis size are not dangerous, especially the penis enlargement surgery, please go to the internet to discover bad effect for your health. Penis enlargement surgery has some terrible effects and risk since you don’t just suffer from pain, but you can even get contamination of the wound of the surgery. Another bad effect of the surgery is that your penis is going to lose the sensitivity, so it will not work so well, we don’t expect this may happen to you. In addition, with the penis enlargement surgery, you’re able to get the thing in the surgery goes wrong and you will get many risks from it.

Well, from the terrible effect that you know about penis surgery here, you shouldn’t risk your health and as we know that Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost is so costly. So, that is better for you to uncover natural penis enlargement techniques instead of the penis enlargement surgery. You can actually do natural penis enlargement exercises using your extraordinary hands. It is an easy way to get your penis stronger, not only easy, but it is also not dangerous for your health because you will find no bad risks in the process. You’re able to feel it by yourself, so it might avoid you from bad things which can hurt you. Furthermore, natural penis enlargement exercises can be found easily in the internet. There are several web sites that provide steps how to deal with the natural penis enlargement exercises. You may additionally be provided with the images and videos that can let you easier to learn.

The Most Effective Way To Owning A More Massive Manhood ? Discover Best Penile Enlarging Products Here

The best male enhancers products are always desired by guys but a lot of men are cautious when it comes to these products because they know little about it. In order to know whether penile enlarging products or methods really work, you need to know what they are and how they work in the first place. This article tells all.

As much as we want to have a large manhood by birth, it is not possible because of our genetic make-up but if you are really interested in making your manhood grow and avoid embarrassment from having a small manhood , then there are options for you to try which will help you grow inches on your penis.

Procedures / products available for penis enlargement are as follows:

i)Penis augmentation (surgery);
ii)Penis traction devices;
iii)Jelqing exercises;
iv)Penis enlargement patches and
v) Penis enlargement pills

All of these products have been tested and proven and you will know them better through reading the rest of this article.

i) Penis augmentation is enlarging the penis through surgery.

This method can increase either the girth or the length of your manhood. To increase the girth, fats are sucked form your body and then injected}put on the skin of the penis. This method has been improved that your manhood will not show any sign of the operation like uneven bulging and the likes. The surgery of increasing the length is done by dividing the ligaments in the penis. To make the effects of the surgery permanent you need to use a penis traction device for about four months after surgery for at least four hours daily. The surgery normally}usually takes 2 hours. This method is guaranteed to work but this procedure is also very expensive . It is also dangerous that is why you need to use the services of reputable surgeons in order to assure success.

ii) Penis traction device

This device may be used after a penis. augmentation operation but it can also help you in increasing your penis size without the use of surgery. This is a much safer and cost efficient product for penis enlargement than a penis augmentation. The basic principle that makes this device work is the “traction force” it outs in the penis which in effect will make the tissues in the penis increase in size.

iii) Jelqing exercise

These exercises use the same traction principle in increasing the penis size. You can find these exercises on the net. The most reliable sources are from membership sites where you pay certain membership fees to access to information as well as assistance in the exercise program. This method may get boring in the long run but it has been proven to be effective.

iv) Penis enlargement patches

Patches work by way of the so-called “Transdermal Technology”. Although this may sound complicated but it simply means delivery through the skin. When you stick a patch on your skin, the ingredients in the patch get absorbed through the skin and reach the blood stream pretty quickly.
The ingredients then work as a stimulant for the improvement of the blood circulation in the penis. The increase in the blood circulating in the penis makes the penis larger but this will wear off once you stopped using the patches. In order to make the effect permanent, try using a penis traction devise or jelqing exercise with the pills and patches.

v) Penis enlargement pills

Pills are different from patches in that you need to swallow them. Therefore, the best penis enlargement pills need to go through your digestive system before the ingredients can reach your blood stream where things start to happen.

As in the case of patches, the ingredients increase blood circulation , enhances the hardness of your penis and improves your sex drive too. But you can only get a permanent increase in penis size if you combine the pills with enlarging exercises.

Caution: You need to be vigilant in choosing penis pills or patches or even the best erection enhancers because there are a lot of fake products that may pose negative effects to the body. That’s why you may need to look into the author resource below for some highly recommended brands.

The Fiction Of Dick Enlarging

Many people think that the phenomenon of guy genital enhancement is a consequence of changing human sexuality. They believe that men nowadays have suddenly developed a type of male vanity, likely as a result of heightened sexual activity in recent society. However, the above advise would be perfectly false. It can be said that recent society has suddenly gained a more intense state of sexual activity, the male development is by no means, a novel idea.

As far back as the olden Greek period, a special medication is awarded the male genitalia. Though the earliest Greeks actually preferred little genitals, they nonetheless, exerted further effort in ensuring that their genitals remained healthful. Their refined tastes led them to view tiny penises as aesthetically super over large ones. during this period, youthful men exercised naked and they protected their genitals by extending the foreskin more than the glans and fastening it, using a ribbon to the organ base.

Around two thousand years ago, the tradition of weight hanging began to gain renown in several tribes in Africa. It has also been suggested that this practice goes as far back as age old Egypt, wherein the pharaohs themselves used it to raise their sexual enjoyment. Weight hanging plainly means hanging devices at the penis’ end in order prolong the tissues that contain the penis shaft. since this technique has been proven effectual in lengthening the penis, it has also resulted in diminished penis girth. Moreover, it has also been exposed to consequence in inadequate blood circulation within the organ cells, depriving them of their much needed supply of oxygen and other nutrients imperative for their survival.

Dick Enlargement Techniques for man genital development were also developed in earliest periods. One is the application or ingestion of herbal aphrodisiacs and the other is the employment of organ exercises. The big selection of treatments offered by Chinese herbal medicine involved ginseng and yohimbe, which are used until the current time to enlarge penile dimensions and step up the sexual appetite. Pills, patches and topical oils improved at present contain one or a mix of these herbs to attain ordinary and painless organ enhancement. Besides these sexual effects, these herbal medical treatments are also known to either stop or treat conditions like tuberculosis, heart disorders, and kidney disorders.

The ancient Arabic civilizations also situated a grand significance to penile dimensions. Youthful Arab boys were given lessons in the Penis Health Enhancement Exercises designated Jelq, when they are shortly next of age. The Jelq involves massaging the semi-erect dick in a rhythmic and organized manner, boosting blood compression inward the shaft. The effect of this technique looks in almost a month done regularly and correctly.

Lastly, in the soon 20th century, the penile enhancement pump was invented by an Austrian designated Otto Ledever. This marks the beginning of modern equipment use in this area of cosmetic therapy. The penile pump basically creates a vacuum and reasons the cells to swell with blood. With prolonged use, this method was revealed to have more lasting results.

These methods are still new till now in diverse forms. It is important to know the history of penile enhancement in order to have a enhanced perspective of each technique’s background and effectiveness. With this in mind, men can determine
for themselves, which technique will be best suited for their purpose.

Is Organ Enlargement Surgery Safe?

In current years, surgery to enlarge penis length or girth has become increasingly common, expressly in private settings. over the past 15 years a number of plastic and urologic surgeons have attempted to improve the penile length and periphery of healthier men for purely cosmetic reasons. However, this disputatious[endspin] procedure has led to a wide variety of poorly documented surgical [spin]methods enlarging surgery is not risk free. as there have been a lot of advances made over the last ten years, there have been also many lawsuits filed more than the same.
Following is a summary of some of the major concerns and drawbacks correlated with penile enlargement surgery:

Penile enlarging surgery is not safe
According to the American urological association, the techniques and procedures used in penis enlargement surgery have not at current been proven through exploration investigations to become completely effective or safe. In fact, to date, there is no standard surgical technique, and much of the performed procedures are experimental. It is not known whether the potential advantages of the penis surgery outweigh the possible hazards connected with it.
Some of the frequently reported complications and drawbacks correlated with dick enlarging surgery include:
* Loss of standup upward angle of the penis
* Keloid scars (A thick scar. Scarring causing a shorter penis)
* Skin incision separation
* Bleeding
* Infection
* Fibrosis (thickening) of superficial vein of the penis affecting the blood flow
* Ecchymosis (bruising)
* Nerve injury resulting in decrease of penile sensation and activity
* Edema (temporary distention of the skin)
* Seroma (collection of serum under skin)
* Erectile dysfunction (difficulty with erection)
* Sexual dysfunction and further dick shortening are also reported problems of these penile enlargement procedures. If some of these complications occur, further surgery may become required.

Dick enlargement surgery is very costly
Dick enlarging surgery is a very expensive and in the US can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000. Also, just because penile enlargement surgery is the most expensive way, does not mean it is the best method. It does not even mean it is a helpful way or a secure way to render your penis bigger. It is; therefore, top rated to think twice for the people who are willing to paying thousands of dollars for extra inches on a flaccid penis.

No improvement is often reported
It is imperative to note that about 5% men undergoing organ enlarging surgery do not report an augment in either flaccid or erect organ length next surgery. In majority of cases, the penile is not in fact lengthened nevertheless merely pulled further out of the body and the increase in length varies depending on the patient’s anatomy. results generally range from 1 to 1/2″ to 2″ and there is no way to predict the length get former to surgery. In a small amount of cases, dick length is in fact reduced due to the formation of scar tissue that contracts over time. A further drawback of the operation is once the suspensory ligaments have been cut, the angle of the erection can become significantly reduced.

All in all, before making the final decision to have organ enlargement surgery whether it is organ widening or penis lengthening (or both), continually discuss all of the complications, risks and provisos (such as high costs) that could arise after the surgery. majority of sexual health proficients[endspin], therefore, recommend talking to your doctor about surgery strictly as a last resort, and [spin]truly compression the “only as a last resort” portion.

Increase Your Organ Gauge Ordinarily In Home

While the significance of a powerful, hard, more long and thicker guy dick has been universally known, the question, “how to acquire such a great guy virility is still reckoned a “taboo” in too much cultures and societies. Therefore, majority of men still give preference to experiment and practice various methods and tips to enhance the gauge of their penis whereas remaining within the confidentiality and convenience of their homes.

The coming article focuses on some natural, home-based technique to increase penis size.

Weight hanging
Penile weighted devices (or penis weights) contain strapping weights to the glans of your dick for extending purposes building force in your dick. This method generally takes years to become effective and it is also one of the more dangerous exercises for home-based guy enlargement. tiny weighted balls ranging from 1 ounce to 1 pound in weight are attached to a small strap that is wrapped around the glans of your penis. It is based on the principle that stretching the penis can extend the area where blood flows to reason an erection. Pulling the penis toward the ground by adding weights to it may stretch tissue and allow for increased blood flow and a longer or thicker erect penis.

PenisHealth Enlarging Exercises
While often perceived as cheap and simple way to increase penile size, home-based exercises such as Jelqing are no more than rarely effectual alone and work most effective when combined with some other technique such as using penile stretchers or some natural and certified herbal penis enlargement pills. Also, studies show that results gained in penis gauge through enlargement exercises are very small and take months or even years to reveal up.

Penis vacuum pumps
Penis pumps or pump extenders or vacuum pumps are special devices that are purposed to “temporarily” increase length and circumference of the penis by gently tugging the penile. However, the majority of important drawback of using the dick pump extenders that most men often forget is that all of these pumps are only meant to “engorge” your penile “temporarily” and not to “enlarge” it “permanently”. Therefore, it is questionable to contain penis vacuum pumps in the register of those techniques / devices that are meant to enlarge your penis at home.

Penis enlargement pills / supplements
Provided they are safe and pure, herbal supplements to enhance erection in males have been successfully used for centuries. most of these supplements also act as libido-boosters and aphrodisiacs and are specifically able in the management of guy impotency (erectile dysfunction). However, whether these supplements in fact cause “permanent penile enlargement” is debatable. majority of sexperts are of the view that these male enlargement supplements can just justification penile enlarging if their regular use is combined with recommended and secure penis exercises.

Traction based dick extenders
Also well-known as penis stretchers, these mechanical devices are now accounted an effectual tool for permanent penis enlargement. They perform by applying a constant, regulated and secure traction force along the shaft of your organ which reasons cellular multiplication, or enhancement of your penis, both in thickness and length.
Therefore, rather than wasting your money and risking the health of your penile on unsafe and non-effective ways of dick enlargement, you can continuously choose a secure and suitable dick traction device and enjoy a bigger, enhanced and hygienic penis sooner than expected.

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The Effects Of Alcohol On The Body

After entering to the body the ethanol contained in alcohol starts strongly to absorb into the bloodstream through the lining of the stomach and intestines. In the blood, the first thing that alcohol affects is red blood cells – which are responsible for the oxygen and carbon dioxide content in the tissues. Tissue oxygen saturation happens because red blood cells coated with a thin layer of lubricant and carrying a negative charge repel each other and move erratically. So, alcohol is simply deletes that grease because of which the red blood cells stick together.
The red blood cells sticking together at first turn into flakes, and then, if alcohol continues to flow into the blood – in clumps. The diameter of the blood vessels in the brain is so small that clumps of red blood cells get stuck in them, thereby causing oxygen starvation, which is hypoxia. As a result of such “starvation” parts of the brain are beginning to grow numb, and then die. Here’s how it was. That is, simply saying, a sudden awareness of his super-powers after 0.7 of vodka is because the parts of the brain responsible for communication with reality withered away as a result of oxygen starvation.

The ethanol causes various diseases, adversely affecting all vital organs.
The effect of alcohol on heart
“Flaming engine” as a result of alcohol abuse takes dystrophy of the myocardium, resistant hypertension, which can” screw “the entire cardiovascular system and lead to the death.

The effect of alcohol on the intestine
Large doses of alcohol is absorbed through the intestine, gradually changing the structure of the cells leading to the fact that its walls are no longer fully absorb the nutrients and trace elements. As a result, the body is depleted.
The effect of alcohol on the liver
Even children know that liver suffers from ethanol most of the other organs. It begins with an inflammatory process resulting in cirrhosis – that is, the formation of scar tissue and inability to decontaminate the harmful substances in the body. Organism frustrates and dies from it.

The effect of alcohol on pancreas
Everything is simple – as a result of exposure of alcohol the pancreas ceases to form insulin in needed quantities, which leads to diabetes.

The effect of alcohol on the stomach
Large doses of alcohol gradually suppress the production of so-called mucin, which protects the stomach lining. So, starting with the banal retching, alcohol abuse can easily bring up and terribly nasty ulcer.

The effect of alcohol on the blood
Wine can thin the blood, preventing its excessive viscosity, and blood clots in the arteries.

The effect of alcohol on insulin
A glass of wine increases the sensitivity of cells to insulin and reduces hyper insulisation reducing the risk of coronary insufficiency in the presence of high insulin levels, or violations of insulin uptake by the body.

The effect of alcohol on blood vessels
Alcohol dilates coronary arteries providing a better pumping of blood to the heart, and reducing the risk of coronary heart disease.

The effect of alcohol on gallbladder
The cinnamic acid composing the wine stimulates the secretion of the gall bladder. Thus, the wine helps to digest fats and “junk food”.

Drinking a small amount of red wine after a meal promotes the correction of hyper insulisation and reduces blood glucose, which helps to fight with obesity. And besides, the wine protects the body from different viral invasions, and helps to protect the body from the infections.

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