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How To Get A Woman In Bed With You

Are you questioning how to get a lady in bed? Maybe you have got attempted a great many methods to get a woman in bed, but you are still struggling to get her into the bed. It is a frustrated circumstance when you desire a lady heartily, but you are not able to get her want to have sex with you. Most guys think that they should have far more fun once they get beautiful girlfriends into their beds. Well, if you are as those men, you can use following methods to get a lady in bed. Now you must prepare yourself for spectacular secrets.

How to get a girl in bed Secrets and techniques:

Secret #1. Women love sex as much as you do – Most guys consider that women don’t enjoy sex. Well, it is not true. Ladies prefer sex as significantly as you do. These folks are just frightened of being considered as slut or whore. Well, these folks are willing to have sex with guys, but it is social norms that cease them to show sex wish openly. Ladies are passive, and they sleep with you solely once these folks find that it is comfy for them. So, you need to win their trust and get them feel secure with you.

Secret #2. You get a woman in bed solely when you make her sense comfortable with you – As you know that girls do not want to be considered as slut or low value women. That’s why these folks only sleep with you when they discover that it is quite secure for them. So, you have to make a woman sense snug in your company. You need to display her that she can have confidence in you, no matter what may happen. One can enter into her coziness zone by touching her emotions. You can use the Fb account and your smartphone to send her too emotional messages. You can use emotional texts as a tool to touch her emotions. Well, you should also keep away from sending too many emotional text messages daily. It will decrease your value in her eyes.

Secret # 3. Most women want to be seduced – Yes, it is accurate that ladies also want to be seduced. They also desire sex, and they additionally wish to get pleasure from their lives. Well, you need to assess in their eyes to seduce them. A woman requires a long process to qualify a guy to have sex with her. She desires to make sure that the guy will not cheat her right after sleeping with her. Well, the opportunity is there, and you only have to perceive how to take this opportunity. So take actions and don’t lose any opportunity you have. Remember that you are the only person who can help you to get women into your bed.

Bad Boy Seduction – How To Be The Bad Boy That Women Want To Seduce Them

One of the most limiting beliefs that average guys have when it comes to seduction or really just dating in general, is that women choose bad boys over nice guys simply because they want to be treated like dirt. I’ve seen that opinion parroted more times than I can count, and every time I see it… it puts a smile on my face. Why? Because it just does the perfect job of illustrating how most men are way off base when it comes to what they think women really want.

I know, it can seem like the bad boys, the jerks, whatever other name you want to use end up getting the hot women and it may seem on the surface that women do want to be treated like dirt… but that’s not really true. There is a reason why the bad boys seem to have a much easier time than “nice” guys do when it comes to dating or seduction.

You really don’t have to treat a woman like dirt in order to become the bad boy she wants to seduce her. It has a lot more to do with the mindset than anything else. And of course, action as well.

Here’s how to become the kind of guy she wants to seduce her without having to treat her like dirt:

1) Become more aggressive in the way that you approach her.

Hear me out before you take this the wrong way. Aggressive can be bad and it can be good. What I mean is, most nice guys tend to be a little too timid when it comes to trying to seduce a woman. They tend to sit there and kind of wait for the woman to guide them, when really… that is YOUR role as the man. And that is one area where the bad boys seem to have an edge over the nice guys. They don’t wait for the woman to lead them, they lead HER.

2) Don’t be afraid to show her your true colors.

This is another area where a lot of times, the bad boys tend to be more real than the nice guys. Instead of trying to put on that nice guy act 24/7, why not be real and show your true colors? It shows that you are comfortable being you, and that you don’t need to put on an act in order to make her like you. You have to admit, that a lot of the nice things that men do to try and woo a woman comes with an ulterior motive. Why not be genuine and show your true colors and not be afraid that you will somehow push her away?

3) Make her want MORE of you.

Again, this is an area where the classic bad boy does have an edge over the nice guy. See the nice guy will tend to linger around a woman, most of the time, too much so. While the bad boy will have no problems doing his own thing and making her want to spend more time with him. In doing this, he becomes a challenge instead of an easy mark which makes things more exciting. You don’t have to be a jerk, but you do have to know how to seduce a woman into bed with you by being the classic bad boy that makes her want more.

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Seducing A Woman – How To Turn Her On Without Being Too Obvious About It

One of the biggest problems that men face when they try to turn on a woman is that they are just way too obvious about it. A key difference between men and women is the simple fact that subtlety goes a long way with women, whereas with men, we like to be blunt about it. Well, if you try and turn on a woman and you are too obvious about what you are trying to do, chances are… the only one that is going to be turned on is YOU! Before you begin to assume that I am going to suggest that you be deceptive in any way… get that thought out of your mind. It’s not about being deceptive, it’s about communicating sexual attraction in a way that she responds to.

Communication is always a key part of any relationship or interaction between two people. So, if you want to turn a woman on, communication is going to be a core part of that. However, if you don’t know how to communicate in a way that makes her respond to you… then you have a problem. It’s like speaking one language, while she only understands another. It’s not going to work out well at all!

So, how can you turn on a woman without being too obvious about it?

First Tip- Do NOT underestimate the power of the spoken word!

You can easily discover how to seduce a woman with words, as long as you know which ones to use. Men like facts. We want to know the facts and little else. Women, on the other hand tend to respond much better to words that evoke emotions. So, a good thing to get used to doing, is to use words that evoke emotions. And most importantly, to use words that evoke emotions that make her feel really good. This does not mean that you should feed her a steady diet of compliments. It means that you need to choose words that are going to put her in a ‘state’ so that she begins to associate YOU with her feeling GOOD.

Second Tip- Make her want you by being playful with her.

When a guy is too serious around a woman, he’s more than likely going to make her feel anything but turned on. You want to be playful while you are with a woman, especially if you want to get her turned on by you. Think about it like this. You are out on a date with a woman and all she is getting from you is a serious vibe. What do you think she is going to start to feel? Serious, right? Well, does anyone really get all hot and bothered when they are in a serious mood? Not at all, it almost always happens when they are feeling really playful.

Third Tip- To really get her turned on without being too obvious, you need to learn how to use body language to create sexual attraction.

Why is this so important? Well, simply because body language is the unspoken level of communication between two people. It is inherently subtle, but it can speak volumes and do a lot to get her to respond to you. Just being able to use your body language to create a lot of sexual attraction can be more than enough to turn her on. The trick is, to realize that not all women are going to respond to the same exact body language cues. So, you also have to know how to read her body language so that you can make yours match up and kind of mirror hers.

Seduction Tips For Men – Can You Be Too Much Of An Alpha Male?

If you have ever ready ANY dating and seduction advice geared towards men, then you have no doubt come across the term alpha male over and over again. Alpha males are the ones who get the girls, so everyone wants to know how to be an alpha male. What does not get talked about much is, the fact that you can go a little overboard with this and become too much of an alpha male. And that can make it a little harder for you to attract and seduce women.


Because when you go overboard and try way too hard to be seen as an alpha male, you will almost always come across as more of an arrogant jerk than anything else. I have a friend who got caught up in this kind of thinking a few years ago and before you knew it, pretty much no one wanted to hang out with him and his success with women went WAY down.

Most women just thought he was kind of a jerk more than anything else.

Women love men with confidence. They love men who are secure with themselves because that makes them feel secure. However, when you are too arrogant, too cocky and just come off as being a jerk, suddenly they feel insecure. And if a woman feels insecure with you, chances are… she won’t want to be around you.

The other big problem that you will run into is that guys won’t like you. Now, you might be scratching your head and wondering why it matters if guys won’t like you. Well, most women have male friends. And if you are going out to clubs and bars and engaging with women who came out with their friends, a lot of the time there will be a guy in the group.

If he doesn’t like you, chances are he can find a way to shut you down. Not only that, but you need to be able to bond with other guys once in a while and even go out together to get women and if you are too much of an alpha male, you will be too competitive and end up making a situation where none of your buddies wants to hang out anymore.

You don’t have to be competitive with other men to get the girl.

When you are a real alpha male, you don’t have to be so competitive to get the girl. If she has a guy friend that she came out with, he will like you and not try to shut you down. And that is much easier than feeling like you have to compete with every guy in order to be seen as dominant or to be the alpha male. Real alpha males know how to seduce women without having to be overly competitive.

How To Seduce Women – Does This Happen To You?

You feel like you have gotten your confidence up to the point where you should have no problems at all walking up to a woman and making a lasting impression on her. You’ve memorized a few lines that are supposed to be proven and you even have a few routines to fall back on just in case one does not work, you have others to bring into the mix. So, you head out for the night, pretty amped up about your chances of being able to sweet talk and seduce a woman into bed with you. And then it happens.

The proven lines that are supposed to work on any woman you approach don’t seem to have much of an effect at all. The routines that are supposed to be original and effective are causing women to walk away from you, not wanting to have any more to do with you at all. Now, your confidence which had been stronger than ever is free falling and you don’t know how to bring it back or what to do from there. All you can think of is that it’s just going to be another night where you end up going home alone.

What happened?

Well, for starters, most proven lines that you read on the internet are anything but proven. Many times, they are just thought up by some guy writing out things that he *thinks* will be effective on all women. Or, if they did ‘work’ all it actually got him was a little bit of flirting, maybe a phone number but nothing more than that. And most routines that guys learn with the hopes of seducing women will not work on most women. And even if they did, they are used by enough guys that any woman you try them on probably has already seen it and heard it before.

What should you be doing instead?

Instead of being focused on pick up lines to seduce a woman or using routines that are supposed to be effective, why not instead learn how to use natural techniques to create rapport with a woman. When you come across as being totally natural, you are a lot less likely to look like just another guy hitting the clubs and bars looking to get lucky. You come across as a guy who just knows how to talk to women, a guy who women want to gravitate towards.

The game changes and you need to change with it.

A few years ago, there were a lot of lines and routines that you could have copied that would have been somewhat effective because most of the women you would have come across would not have seen or heard them before. Then, the internet exploded and those original lines and routines got passed around. Guys started using them left and right and women got wise to this.

Naturals don’t have to worry about being busted.

When you naturally build up the skills to pick up and seduce women, you don’t have to worry about being busted for using a line that lots of guys use. You don’t have to worry about using a routine that is straight out of a movie and get a lot of heat for it. You can just have an effect on women that causes them to feel naturally attracted to you and escalate that attraction to where she wants to have a little fun with you.

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How To Seduce A Woman With Words – What Makes The Difference Between Success And Failure?

On some level, I think we all know just how powerful words can be. String the right words together, and you can have an amazing amount of influence on another person. String the wrong ones together, and they can end up hating you, not trusting you, and not wanting to a thing to do with you at all. When it comes to seduction, words can be one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal, or they can make you look like just another creep, trying too hard to get a woman into bed.

What makes the difference between success and failure in this example?

Well, for one, if you think that seducing a woman with words means that you are going to be able to have some almost magical power or hypnotic ability… then you may already be setting yourself up for failure. Seducing a woman really has nothing much to do with magic or hypnosis. Take a look at what a natural does. He doesn’t go around using magic tricks, or trying to put women into trances to get them into bed. That’s what the ‘creepy’ guys do.

Yet, most naturals DO have a way with words, and that is one of the reasons why it seems so easy for them to be able to seduce a woman into bed.

If you want to have that ability, then you have to learn to do what they do ‘naturally,’ so that you can end up getting the same kinds of results that they do. Have you ever noticed how one person can say something to someone and completely offend them, and another person can say the same thing and have them cracking up and laughing?

What makes the difference there?

It’s all about the delivery.

I’m a HUGE fan of stand up comedy, there are many days where the only thing I watch on television is stand up comedy. When you watch it that much, you pick up on a lot of things. And one of the things is, the low level no name comedians who are never going to get a big name, get a movie to star in or their own television special– they usually tell practically the same kinds of jokes as the big names.

So, why do they flop and flounder?

Their delivery. They say the same thing and it’s just not nearly as funny as when a Chris Rock says it or a Dane Cook. And they also usually lack the stage presence to capture the crowd’s attention. The high level comedians, can usually save a joke that bombs by chastising the audience for not laughing. They say something like, “Come on, that ways funny… you know it” and the audience goes from quiet to rolling with laughter.

The low level comedians, they just bomb.

So, what does this really have to do with seducing a woman with words?

It’s simple, if you have the right presence, the right delivery… it has a dramatic effect on whether or not she likes you, is attracted to you… or if you just bomb in her eyes. That is what makes the difference between success and failure more than just about anything else.

How To Seduce Women- Tips To Help You Become Seductive Around Women

Have you ever noticed how some guys just seem to have an effect on women that just cannot really be explained? Meaning, there is nothing really all that special about them and yet, women just seem to be drawn to them and they want more than just idle conversation with them. You might think that these guys are just lucky or that they have some crazy covert seduction skill that you do not have, but I have to tell you, that’s probably not the case.

If you want to become seductive around women, if you want to know how to seduce women without all of the cheesy gimmicks that some guys use, then keep reading. You don’t have to get deep into all of the pick up lingo and lifestyle to have the ability to seduce woman with precision. What you do have to know is what it is that gives women that kind of response and reaction. If you can do that, then knowing how to seduce women will seem easy for you.

Here are some tips on how to seduce women that will make you seem more seductive around women:

1. Take notice of your body language and the impression that it might be giving a woman.

We hardly ever pay attention to our own body language and what kind of an impression or a vibe that it might be sending other people. But, other people are noticing this, whether it be consciously or subconsciously. Your body language has to be inviting, to make a woman feel comfortable being close to you, while at the same time giving off a little bit of a sexual vibe about you.

2. She has to love the sound of your voice, or more specifically what it is saying to her.

The tone of your voice is another thing that can have a powerful effect on a woman. A woman can usually tell whether or not you are nervous around her just by the tone of your voice. And she will also usually be able to tell if you are putting on an act or being genuine. Now, obviously some women are not that good at that part, but on the whole, most women can pick up on the tone of your voice.

3. She has to feel like you are a TRUE alpha male.

A true alpha male does not have to dominate a woman, he does not have to run his mouth about what he did with a woman to his guy friends to score some points with her. What he does do is evoke real leadership qualities, makes her feel protected, and knows how to escalate an interaction with a woman to the point where she cannot wait for things to get intimate. That’s the kind of alpha male vibe you need to give off.

How To Seduce A Woman Into Bed- Tips To Get A Woman Aroused By You

Most guys going out to meet women have it somewhere in the back of their minds that they want to be able to end the night on a high note, meaning, they want to be able to get a woman into bed with them. Sadly, most men end up without even getting a phone number or a kiss much less being able to seduce a woman into bed. If you are going to be able to hook up with a woman and have her end up in YOUR bedroom, then you have to know how to make her feel turned on by you.

If you are not getting laid as often as you like, and you are wanting to end that, then pay attention. It’s really not all that hard to approach a woman and escalate things to the point where she wants to get physically intimate with you. Problem is, if you try the way that most men do, it’s not going to happen.

It’s a pretty common mistake that a lot of men make to try and turn on a woman the way that they want to be turned on. To get a woman aroused by you, you have to be able to hit on the right emotions that will trigger her to feel that way about you. If you can’t do that, then you might as well get used to hitting the sheets by your lonesome.

Here are a few tips on how to seduce a woman into bed that should help you get a woman aroused by You:

1) When you first approach a woman, you are setting the stage for what will happen next.

The approach is a big part of being able to seduce a woman into bed and making her want to hook up with you. Get the approach right and you have a much better chance of making her feel enough attraction towards you that she will want you to escalate things with her. You need to start off on the right foot if you are going to sweep her off of hers.

2) Make sure that you use eye contact as a way to make a connection with her.

Talking to a woman is all good and you need to be able to use conversation as a way to build attraction with her. Thing is, eye contact attraction can be way more powerful than trying to string together the perfect ensemble of words and it’s much easier to do when you get it down pat.

3) If you are going to get her in bed, then you need to be able to handle rejection.

No matter how you look at it, no matter how skilled you get at being able to talk a woman into your bedroom, there are going to be times when you get shot down. If you are unable to handle rejection from a woman, then you will end up avoiding the possibility of it happening and you just won’t try. You’ll end up like most guys that just check women out and do nothing at all to get to know her or get her into bed.

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