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Online Dating: Don’t Let Poor Typing Ruin Your Chances!

I have always contended that grammar and spelling are imperative in regards to online dating but now this claim of mine has some evidence to back it up.

Zoe Hazelwood a psychologist at the University of Technology in Queensland recently ran a study which concluded that grammar and spelling errors effects decision regarding if an online contact would make suitable date in real life. It is not necessarily the words that pop up within the messenger windows of dating websites that are being analyzed but rather, the ways in which the words are presented.

“Although online traditional non-verbal cues are not present, in our research we found people do judge potential partners on things aside from what they are saying [¦] including spelling errors, use of acronyms, amount of exclamation marks, use of grammar – things like that” she contendeed.

Hazelwood said that users of online dating websites were unlikely to take relations any further with anyone with a writing style that they deem poor.

I personally am annoyed by anyone that I am messaging online over uses the acronym “LOL” (laugh out loud) there is little chance that anyone I am chatting with finds me quite THAT hilarious! Akin to this, the over use of emoticons irks me too but then again, I am fond of men who are able to express themselves efficiently with words.

So does this mean that those with learning impairments should not use online dating websites? Don’t be silly! If you apologise from the start for your poor spelling or grammar skills and are actually making some effort with you typing etiquette, then you stand as good a chance as anyone else using the website!

The professor was very pleased also to see from her study that dating online is popular across a wide spectrum of ages; over 50s dating is just as frequent as people in their twenties dating!